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Still depending on the wind to get you where you need to go? I suggest you buy one of the best steamboats in town! Before steamboats all you could use was the wind to get you around which is VERY slow and is impossible to take you upstream. With steamboats you have the advantage of going way faster and getting where you need to go quicker. Steamboats can even take you, your family, and all of your things with you! It almost sounds too good to be true.

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History: The era of steamboats first began in 1787. The first steamboat was built by an American inventor Robert Fulton in 1807. John Fitch built four more but they were very expensive to build and operate so his plan was unsuccessful.

Advantages of steamboats: Travel on steamboats was a huge advantage with being able to go upstream, unlike anything invented before it. It was also way bigger and could fit you, all your things, and your family. They can go up to an astounding speed of 5 miles per hour! Steamboats have really made a huge difference on river travel.

Disadvantages of steamboats: A steamboat works from pressure building up from steam, when the pressure gets too high explosions can be common, BUT if you buy from someone you know measured correctly how much pressure you need to go an efficient speed without being unsafe you will be fine! A common design in the earlier steamboats was a shallow, flatter style which at times caused the steamboats to drag and travel slower.

Famous inventors of the steamboat: Henry Ford, Robert Fulton, and John Fitch (failed attempt).

How did steamboats impact North Dakota: Steamboats really impacted North Dakota being it was so small (population wise) it brought many people and with people came more businesses!

What is steamboats importance to North Dakota: Very important because it brings in people, money, and businesses.