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Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is here and ready for you to get installed on your computer! DO NOT Install the program yourself. Book a time and day with IT Support at the following link to get the program installed on your computer . Before your appointment YOU MUST BACK UP ALL FILES IN THE ClOUD, GOOGLE DRIVE OR ONEDRIVE. If files are not backed up on your computer before Windows 10 is installed they will be lost.

Hour of Code

NDPMA is hosting our 3rd annual "Hour of Code" event December 9th for the Upper/Middle divisons and all week for the Lower division in technology classes. The schedule for "Hour of Code" at each divsion is as follows...

  • Upper Division: December 9th from 7:30 to 8:55 am
  • Middle Division: December 9th from 9:15 to 10:10 am
  • Lower Division: Throughout the week during technology classes.

Note: NDP Only Period 1 and Hour of Code teachers will provide 55 minutes total for Hour of Code at any time during that 85 minte period, remaining 30 minutes for class time.

If you have any questions regarding "Hour of Code" Please do not hesitate to ask the IT Department!

Coding Programs for Students

January 4th Teacher PD Day: Second Semester and Haiku

On our January 4th teacher professional development day I will be showing teacher's how to roll-over course content into the new semester. I will also show teachers how to set up class roster sections for their new classes.

Read Around the Planet Taking Place February 22nd - March 4th! Registration Open NOW

If you are interesed in being part of "Read Around the Planet" which takes place end of February - March the information below walks you through the registration process. This event is offered by CAPSpace. In order to register you will need to create an account. Registation is open NOW until January 15, 2016 and the event takes place February 22nd - March 4th.

Greetings CAPspace Members!

There are 3 IMPORTANT items in this email - PLEASE read them all!

Read Around the Planet is celebrating its 15-year Anniversary!

1. Read Around the Planet REGISTRATION OPENS December 1st and CLOSES January 15, 2016. Read Around the Planet takes place February 22nd - March 4th, 2016.

IMPORTANT RAP information:

  • TWICE invites you to participate in a celebration of reading using videoconferencing technology.
  • This is a CAPspace Matching Event - you sign up and we provide you a partner class.
  • Classes can participate in English, Spanish, ESL or special education.
  • Classes share skits, raps, original poetry/writing, songs, game shows, and more. The teacher packet has more ideas!
  • Please choose all the dates and times you can participate - only choosing one day/time increases your chances of ending in the unmatched list.
  • Please, do NOT post a collaboration called Read Around the Planet (too confusing for everyone).
  • You must be connected to verified equipment (blue monitor icon on your profile page). Verification information under the FAQ tab in CAPspace. Verification must be completed by January 8, 2016.
  • Janine Lim, who started Read Across America 15 years ago has sent a welcome video and a trip down memory lane video. Check them out on our RAP 15th Celebration wiki -
  • A flyer, coordinator packet and teacher packet are available here -
  • We hope you can participate in this year's 15th anniversary celebration of Read Around the Planet - the event that started CAPspace.
  • Thank you Polycom for your continued support of RAP!

2. Sue Stauffacher, Michigan author of picture and middle school books, has a graphic novel, Wireman Comics. Wireman (Vol. 1-2) cultivates a love of reading in older at-risk readers, ages 10-17, by providing them with culturally relevant and engaging literature in the form of an appealing comic book appropriate for all reading levels. By the time kids have finished Volume 1 they know the 300 most common words in the English language - 65% of all written English. Check out the website -

Sue has kindly made a FREE download of Volumes 1 & 2 available on Amazon from noon ET, December 1st through midnight ET December 3rd. You will need the Kindle App on your phone of tablet to access Wireman.

3. Polycom Special Event registration for January-May events OPENS Dec. 1 at noon ET. Check out all the programs here - Don't wait to register - spots are limited! You must be connected to Polycom equipment.

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Melissa York: Technology Integration Specialist

Feel free to "book me" at the following website or email me at if you would like for me to help incorporate technology into your classroom and curriculum.