Home Learning Update

May 4th, 2020

Graduation Rolling to June 28th Date

State and local health officials have released information about the recovery and reopening plans for Polk County. These plans continue to limit large gatherings so we are now looking to June for the BHS commencement ceremony. Our plans are to have graduation on the earliest rolling date that public health guidelines allow for us to gather.

Currently scheduled date - June 28th at 3:30pm

Contingency date - July 26th at 3:30pm

If we are still not able to have a traditional graduation on either of these dates, we will defer to alternative ceremony on July 26th. The details for what that would be will likely depend on what the public health guidelines will allow at that time.

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Remainder of School Year Will Be through Remote Learning

When the governor ordered the closure of the schools, he also directed all schools in Missouri to continue remote learning until the last day of school as it stood prior to the closures.

So for Bolivar, that means we will continue our weekly learning plan through Friday, May 22nd. Seniors will continue through Tuesday, May 12th, since that was their last scheduled day of academic attendance prior to graduation on May 17th.

Last Day of Remote Learning School Year: May 22nd

Last Day of Remote Learning for Seniors: May 12th

Senior Checkout May 12-14

All seniors will need to check out for the school year May 12-14 from 9:00am-3:00pm by appointment.

Please schedule a time for your checkout here. We are allowing up to 15 students at a time in 30 minute increments.

Checkout Requirements

1. Return school property (textbooks, library books, equipment, etc.)

2. Clean out lockers (regular and locker rooms)

3. Return Chromebook and charger

4. Pay balance due on fines and fees

5. Verify A+ Program status

6. Pick up yearbook order (if applicable)

7. OTC students will return textbooks to BHS

All obligations must be satisfied to qualify for graduation.

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Senior Brick Painting

Also during the week of May 11-15 we will have Senior Brick Painting by appointment from 9:00am-3:00pm each day. A separate email will be sent to all seniors with specific information about how this will work.

As a tribute to the Class of 2020, we've designated a wall for brick painting that will be a lasting commemoration of this year's graduating class in the halls of BHS. Normally, the Senior Bricks are on a rotation every four years and are then painted over to make way for a new graduating class.

But we felt it was fitting for this year's class, given the significant challenges and loss they've experienced, to have a special place in the hallways that will be here for many years.

Seniors, we hope you'll all take advantage of this opportunity to leave your mark on BHS, permanently. Again, watch for that email with more instructions about this year's Senior Brick Painting.

Checkout for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors May 19-21

All students returning to BHS in the fall will complete the checkout process May 19-21, by appointment.

Please schedule a time for your checkout here. We are allowing up to 15 students at a time in 30 minute increments.

Checkout Requirements

1. Return school property (textbooks, library books, equipment, etc.)

2. Clean out lockers (regular and locker rooms)

3. Pay balance due on fines and fees

4. Pick up yearbook order (if applicable)

5. OTC students return textbooks to BHS

Students returning to BHS in the fall will NOT return Chromebooks this year for the summer break. However, if your Chromebook needs repair, you should bring it in to the tech office so that can be done. Of course, you are still responsible for the care of your device during the summer months and accountable for damage or loss.

Yearbooks available for pickup during checkout times

If you ordered a yearbook, we plan to have those available for you to pickup during your designated checkout time. They are expected to arrive prior to that time frame.

If you didn't order a yearbook but would still like to purchase one, there will be a limited number of extra copies available for sale.

Summer School

BHS will offer a summer school program this summer. Since we have the ability for many of our offerings to be online, we have elected for the majority of courses to be in that format to limit the total number of students in the building.

However, we still plan to offer PE on site, along with the various fitness training classes that are normally part of our summer program.

Watch for the summer school sign-up information coming soon.

The following classes will be offered online during Summer School 2020:

American Government (dual credit available)
Personal Finance
Course Completion (Required for students who previously failed courses)
Driver's Ed (classroom portion)
A+ Tutoring

LAUNCH Program (wide variety of online classes)

The following classes will be offered on campus, face-to-face during Summer School 2020:

All fitness classes (Weights, Cardio, etc.)

Face-to-face classroom guidelines:

Each morning, all teachers will report to nurse to have temperature taken.

All students will have temperature taken upon arriving to school.

Any individuals that are symptomatic (staff or students) will be sent home.

Social distancing will be followed when possible.

Regular disinfecting of the learning spaces and common areas will occur.

Hand washing will be emphasized.

These plans are subject to change as we continue to work day to day and monitor conditions and follow the guidelines put forth by public health authorities.

Grading Safety Net

Given the tremendous disruption to all of us in our academic work and lives, and given the directive by the governor for schools to continue learning, BHS is implementing a “safety net” grading system for the spring 2020 semester.

The "safety net" will apply to all classes at BHS, except for dual credit classes. Dual credit classes must follow the guidance of the partner college/university. These requirements apply to students whether or not they are paying for the dual credit.

"Safety Net"

Teachers will use the grade from 3rd quarter (progress 5 in SIS) as the baseline for this safety net grade.

These new guidelines will go into effect from April 20th for the remainder of the semester. The academic work completed online prior to April 20th can only be used to improve the student's grade from 3rd quarter (progress 5 in SIS).

For determination of a final course grade as a result of work completed during the remainder of the term:

1. The lowest grade a student may receive on an individual assignment is a 60%. So in effect, our grading scale is from 60-100, instead of 0-100.

2. A student's grade may not fall more than one letter grade from the 3rd quarter mark (progress 5 in SIS).

These factors come with the expectation that every student make reasonable efforts to continue participating and learning throughout the remainder of the semester.

Students may reach out to teachers about the possibility of completing any make-up work from 3rd quarter.

Students should also communicate with teachers if they have legitimate, significant barriers that are keeping them from completing assignments or participating fully right now.

Internet Access in HS Parking Lot

If you have no internet in your home or have just really poor internet, you are welcome to connect your Chromebook from the BHS parking lot, while maintaining social distancing.

We've noticed several students taking advantage of this opportunity.

The strongest signal is in the back parking lot and in the teacher parking area in the front lot (just East of the 100 hallway).

Tech Support for Chromebooks

Chromebook and online learning support is available for students, parents, and staff. Support hours will be Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

If you are having issues with your school issued Chromebook or any online learning tools, please complete and submit the support request form and a tech support person will contact you.