Religions: Taoism

What is Taoism?

Facts About Taoism

Beliefs: People believe there is a force behind the universe called the Tao

People follow this religion because they believe their good actions will judge their fate and

they will live a peaceful afterlife.

Current events: A woman named Yin Xinhui once found a forgotten Tao temple. She sets to work for it's rebuilt. Although many have faith, there may be some disapproving.

There are no Taoist extremists.

The One True Voice by Richard Seymour

I aspire to silence the voices,
That I might hear the One True Voice.
When that One True Voice is silenced, I shall hear Everything.

This song means that all believers should take watch of their actions and not to disappoint. I also think that this poem may say that if you hear the One True Voice, you can here a lot of things, but if you silence that voice, you can hear everything else.

The painting below represents the philosophy of nature and how it could have a connection to the religion. It was created by a man named JD Chou. The date it was finished is unknown.

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