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Digitial Collections for the Classroom

Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom are thematic collections of primary source documents selected from the Newberry’s extensive holdings. They are designed for easy incorporation into classroom teaching and support many of the skills emphasized by the Common Core State Standards. Each collection contains high-resolution digital images of documents representing a variety of genres, from maps, photographs, broadsides, and cartoons to poems, speeches, and travel narratives. These images—unlike transcripts—convey a rich sense of the documents in their original forms, allowing teachers and students to do the work of historians.
The Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom project provides educators with access to rich and engaging content from the Newberry’s collections. In each collection, you will find a variety of materials such as maps, songs, political cartoons, and letters.
Each collection includes thought-provoking texts paired with introductory essays and guiding questions. The collections accompany the Newberry’s teacher enrichment programs, are based on seminar topics, and support the Common Core Standards.

Current Titles Include:

· 1893: Chicago and the World’s Columbian Exposition

· Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko: Slavery and Race in the Atlantic World

· Anti-Statism in U.S. History

· Art and Exploration in the American West and Mexico

· Chicago Defined: Space and Place, Homes and Journeys

· Chicago Workers during America’s Long Gilded Age

· Dissent and Democracy in Modern American History

· Faith in the City: Religion and Urban Life in Chicago, 1870-1920

· Immigration and Citizenship in the United States, 1865-1924

· Imagining the American West in the Late Nineteenth Century

· Lincoln, the North, and the Question of Emancipation

· Marriage and Family in Shakespeare’s England

· Olaudah Equiano and the Eighteenth Century Debate Over Africa and the Slave Trade

· Polar Art and Exploration

· Religion, Propaganda and War: Medieval and Modern Understandings of the Crusades

· Representing the American Revolution, 1768-1893

· Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Utopias of the European Renaissance

· Shakespeare’s Romans: Politics and Ethics in Julius Caesar and Coriolanus

· Slavery, Civil War, and the “New Birth of Freedom”

· Subversives in the City: Responses to Political Radicalism in Chicago

· Treason or Loyal Opposition? The Copperheads and Dissent during the Civil War

· Wives and Wenches, Sinners and Saints: Women in Medieval Europe

· Women on the Move: Gender and Mobility in American Culture, 1890-1950

Collections are also available for download in PDF format. For more information about the collections please contact
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The Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom project is generously funded by The Grainger Foundation.