Volcano Resort

By: Ellie G.

Shield Volcano spa

Shield volcanoes are the largest type of volcano. The constant layers of lava cause it to be wide and vast. Shield volcanoes only ooze lava, not cinders or ash. So, to match the shield volcano's calm and mellow mood, we have created a spa called the Shield Volcano Spa. There you can get relaxing "lava " bath with molten rock bath salts. Enjoy your stay at the Spa!

Shield Volcano

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Cinder Cone Volcanoes

Cinder Cone volcanoes spew ash and cinders, and are very tall and exciting. So, the resort has a thrilling cinder and ash "excavation site" where you get to dig through layers of ash and cinder to see what you can find. What are you waiting for? Go start your adventure now!

Cinder cone volcano

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Composite Volcanoes

Composite volcanoes spew ash, cinders, AND lava! Scientists classify them as the most dangerous volcano. But your stay here at the Volcano Resort won't be dangerous, it'll be exciting! Come join us in zip-lining across ( dormant ) composite volcanoes! While zip-lining, you'll get a great view of the volcano! Here at the Volcano Resort, you'll have a blast!

Composite volcano

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