Need to Enroll a New Student?

We have a new centralized enrollment process!

The three-step registration process:

Please follow the steps below to complete the registration process.

This enrollment process applies to:
  • all new families who have never been enrolled at Jackson Schools OR
  • adding an additional student to your existing family registration OR
  • re-enrolling your student who was at Jackson R2, then transferred out to another district

NOTICE! The final step in this process is a meeting with the Registrar at the Jackson R-2 Administration Office located at 614 E. Adams Street in Jackson. Please complete the online registration and the additional forms before your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of your appointment time.

Step 1: The action you take to begin enrollment depends on if your family has ever had a student enrolled at Jackson R-2 (this includes Summer School).

Option 1 - If you have never had a student enrolled at JR2, then click this link.

Make sure you are on the 'Parent' tab. Click on 'Register New Family' then follow the online prompts to begin enrollment. Once complete, proceed to Step 2.

Option 2 - If you currently have or previously had a student enrolled at JR2 (even if it was only for Summer School), then:

- email us at to request a username and password to access the online registration site through Parent Portal.***


-Call the Jackson Administration office at 573-243-9501 to begin enrollment

If you have a current Parent Portal account, or if you have had one in the past, you will use your existing username and password.

***You must provide the following information to receive a user name and password:

· Your name (first and last)

· Email address

· Address

· Zip code

· Each Student’s Name(first and last)

· Each Student’s Date of Birth

· Each Students Gender

· Each Student’s Race

· Each Students Entry Level Grade

Once you have received your user name and password by email or by phone (or if you already have logon info):

1. Use this link for Parent Portal to access it from your home computer OR

2. Use one of the kiosk computers at the district's Central Administration Office to complete online registration

*For helpful instructions on using Parent Portal, click here.

Step 2: Additional Forms: Complete the "Additional Forms" by choosing one of the following options:

1. Print the forms and complete them from the "Additional Forms" link here OR

2. Pick up the forms from the Jackson R-II Administration Office and complete them

Step 3: Registration Appointment: Call the Jackson R-2 Administration Office at 243-9501 to schedule an appointment to meet with the Registrar. You will meet at the Jackson R-2 Administration Office, which is located at 614 E. Adams St. in Jackson.

*Remember, you will need to complete the Online Registration through Parent Portal AND the Additional Forms before your scheduled appointment.

You will need to bring the following items with you to your appointment:

· Completed “Additional Forms” Forms

· Students Original Birth Certificate (or passport, visa, hospital record)

· Students Immunization Record (must be provided before child can attend)

· Students Social Security Card (provision of SSN is voluntary, it is necessary for Medicaid billing)

· Parent/Guardian Photo ID

· Proof of Residency (Utility bill/agreement, rental agreement/receipt, property tax statement for the residence, real estate contract)

If you are unable to provide proof of residency in your name because you are living with another person/family, then you must complete an Affidavit of Residency and it must be notarized. This form and notary services are available at the Administration Office.