CIMR Student Newsletter

Week Begining: 14th December 2015

Merry Christmas From The Student Committee

Good afternoon fellow students,

After an excellent student cake and tea last week, as well as a mulled-wine mice-pie fiesta for Christmas Notworking Hour, I have some sad news: this is the last student newsletter before Christmas. However, this is also likely a good thing considering that things are quietening down, and there isn't much to report for upcoming future events! Instead therefore I thought I'd share with you a few things that the CIMR Student Committee have in the pipeline for next year.

From an academic viewpoint, this is a very exciting year for the Student Committee. As has been mentioned in the previous newsletter, this year we are planning to have a Student Research Retreat with another Cambridge Science Institute. This plan is seminal for the CIMR as this would be the first time a Student Committee at CIMR would be the chief organisers of a research retreat. Stephen Burr (Academic Officer), Alex Davies (Welfare Officer), and I are working hard to get this project off the ground, with the predicted date of the retreat looking likely to be in Autumn. If we manage to get it working, it would lay the strong foundation for future students (i.e. you!) to organise future annul Retreats with both home and international institutes! I'll keep you updated on progress!

In regards to less serious (but no less important!) issues, CIMR sport looks exciting next year. Tom O (Sports Officer) has entered a CIMR team in the FrankLY 5-a-side football league, and we're excited to demolish other institutes (e.g. LMB - Booo!) with our crispr passing and devastating finishing. Probably. In regards to Socials, we will also be holding joint Social Events with other Cambridge Science institutes. Again, friendly rivalry in the form of light hearted banter is expected.

In conclusion, there is a lot to look forward to for next term. In the meantime, keep maximising the festive fun. And also have a wonderful Christmas.

Peace, love, and good tidings

Guy Pearson
CIMR Student President '15-'16

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Tom's Cake

Student Cake and Tea last week was a huge success. Tom O would like it formally announced that the cake was the product of his own baking and NOT purchased from Marks and Spencer. The said cake is above. Top Job!

Welfare Support

Alex Davies is the CIMR Student Welfare Officer. Feel free to get in touch by email ( or track her down in lab 5.2 with any questions or concerns. All will be treated confidentially.

Friday Student Table

An apology - last week the student table wasn't reserved for us by the Catering Staff. However THIS FRIAY we have the big table in the canteen reserved for us students from 1215-1315. All students are invited, and it is a great place to meet people in other labs. Hope to see you there!