Ryan's Report

Here's What's Happening in My Classes...

Language Arts

May 16 - Today is the last day of PARCC testing so tomorrow we get back to our usual schedule.

We will begin our focus on characters in various novels that overcome failure or difficulties of some type to succeed in accomplishing a goal. Students will also be in literature circles at times to discuss shared thoughts on the common book which responding to student and teacher created questions.

Please remind your child to keep reading and record those minutes!! Everyone should be pushing to have 400 or more minutes by the end of the month. AR goal continues of 3 or more books with an 85% average or higher through June. I know everyone can meet this goal this term.

Social Studies

May 16 - We will begin the final SS unit called "European Settlement" which picks up where we left off with the explorers unit. Our first lesson will focus on the first English successful colony in Jamestown, VA before moving on to other colonies in the New England area as well as St. Mary's City, the first settlement in Maryland.