Internal Combustion Engine!!!!

The Future of factory production

I.C.E corp "Our engine will combust so you don't have too."

This engine will improve factory production and increase energy production by 93%! Coal will replace steam and use all of its energy whereas steam only used 7% of its energy. Your factory will be able to produce energy faster than Sunderland shooting up the league table.

Rudolf "Rudy" Diesel Inventor, founder, CEO

Born in Paris on March 18th 1858 Rudolf stared off as far from the concept of the engine as you can get. He started off at his uncles refrigeration firm after college and soon left that to find the new source of efficient energy. after years of testing his was granted a patent in 1892 and in 1894 I.C.E was founded and has been producing the best coal-powered internal combustion engine around.
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797.68 BTP 1158.79 USD* *international shipping rates apply and customs fees apply

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engines are available for purchases by calling headquarters for orders within Europe. If ordering for United States purchases please dial the number below.

For american purchases dail (098)765-5432

Another happy customer.

With this engine my factory's production rate has skyrocketed and is cranking out more and more products. My energy cost has gone down a lot and thanks to this product i will be able to retire in 10 years! (Lyman Cosgrove) owner of Cosgrove enterprises.
this product will give off smoke and high pollution levels. this may cause and not limited too, tuberculosis, lung cancer, respiratory issues, temporary blindness. use hearing and eye protection, and breathing protection while operating this engine.