Saltley Blog Competition

Win £100

Win £100 by telling the world something interesting.

Be the next star blogger. The person with the highest number of page views by the end of the year will win £100.

The Rules (they're simple)

The competition is open to all students at Saltley School and will be judged on July 12th 2013. The winner of £100 will be the person who has the best blog by this date. The main criteria will be the blog with the most page views but we will also be assessing each blog in terms of design, the quality and personality of the writing and the originality of the links.You need to have a written a blog and updated it weekly using Any blogs which are just copied and pasted will be disqualified as will any blogs that do not contain any writing!

What can I write about?

Write about something that interests you. Remembering that writing about topics that are already heavily written about will make it harder to attract lots of followers… but, the choice is yours. Your favourite video game, your attempts to learn a new language, the state of your bedroom. Anything.


Well, almost… Blogs have rules which say you can’t write negative things about others – it’s called libel and will get you in trouble (and your blog deleted which won’t help you win!)

Getting started

Sign up for an account at and follow the steps to start writing your blog. Remember that the more interesting you make it, the more people will read it… but you’ll also need to think about how you will tell people about it. Blogger help contains a huge amount of help. Some complicated and some easy. The most important thing you have to remember is that anyone can attract a global following. Just have a look at a blog written by a year 6 girl which now has 8.4 million page views…

So, get blogging.