Unit 1_2 Reading Online Checklist

Links, Games, and Assignments for Red Kayak

Great Readers...

Stay focused, stay motivated, and be proactive with your work!

Mr. Ehrmann's Reading Experience

Picking your favorite book can be a challenging task. I always struggled to find new books to read and use that as an excuse to read less. I wish I would have made more of an effort to find new and exciting books to read. Now in my life I LOVE reading more than playing video games and watching TV and movies. I wish I would have realized that when I was younger.

Here are some tips to find good books:

  • Stick with an author you enjoy
  • Stick with a genre you enjoy
  • Ask a friend who has similar interests for some suggestions
  • Ask our amazing librarians for suggestions
  • Find books that were made into movies, but read the book FIRST!

Learning Farm


You must complete:

- The Lesson

- The Test (at-least 10 questions)

- You may play any game you want, this is optional. Make sure you have all of your other work completed.

Your reading lesson for this week is:

Compare and Contrast Literature

Your writing lesson for this week is:

Dictionaries, Glossaries, and Thesaurus

Find your group color, and click on the name to complete the activity OR follow the directions listed.

Red Group

You are completing your iPad Fluency read.

- Make sure to practice with your book first

- Follow the directions in the video to learn how to record and upload your reading

- Video Instructions

Purple Group

Purple Group is assigned to boggle this week.

- Choose a boggle board, do not take the answer key

- Find at-least 12 words, find more if you want

- Check your answers with the matching answer key.

- Using the answer key, find all of the other words on the board.