Gatsby Dead?!?


A Tragic End:

James Gatsby was found dead this afternoon in the bottom of his swimming pool after a gunman came to his house and shot him down while he was swimming. The shooter, George Wilson, was found beside the pool dead with the gun by his side. George was the owner of Wilson's Garage, located in "the Valley of Ashes'. Investigators said that George was frustrated about his wife Myrtle, who was supposedly hit by Gatsby's vehicle the day before. Gatsby's house is to be auctioned off in the next couple of days and his funeral will be tomorrow evening.

Henry Ford's New Ride

A New Style:

Henry Ford came out with his new style of transportation today. This new car only comes in black, it has all leather interior with a new stronger windshield. It comes with a roll back top for those days you need a cool breeze and all cars have new white tires with tubes to hold air longer.