Facts About Quebec

By: Haya, Tejaswi, Cassidy, and Shahid


In 1534, Jacques Cartier claimed an area of Canada for France. On July 3rd, 1608, Samuel de Champlain sailed down the St. Lawrence River, settling along Quebec’s shoreline. He had big plans for it. That small settlement was going to become a big place. However the British had captured New France, for a while. However, they did not know what to do as they did not have all the connections the French did with the local natives. They ended up selling New France back to the French, unable to do anything with it. New France was pretty successful, and is now a place we all know, Quebec City/Quebec!

The Fortifications of Quebec

Did you know?: Quebec is the only province to have a fortification in the middle of it. (picture of it shown)


A food that people like to eat in Quebec is poutine, their signature food. The reason why poutine is so common in Quebec is because making poutine is cheap, yet it is still tasty. Some other things people like to eat in Quebec are: meatball stew, sugar pie, cretons, meat pie, baked beans, sugar cream fudge, tourtiere, apple donuts, pure maple syrup, and Montreal style bagels.

Famous Places

Quebec is a really pretty place. Tons of these pretty places relate to it's culture too! A place like that is Old Quebec, shown to the right of this. Old Quebec is the area where historical areas like Port Royale (where Samuel de Champlain lived) are. This area pretty much just looks like it's from Europe! It is the area where New France was/is, and the buildings have held up well. Some other cultural places are: Wendake (a window into First Nation culture), Parc Cartier-Roberval (the area where Jacques Cartier was going to build a fort, an area with a great view of the St. Lawrence River), and more just like these. If you ever go on a vacation, come to Quebec!

Famous People

There is tons of important people when it comes to Quebec. Here are some of them. Samuel de Champlain, a explorer who is the one who founded New France. There is also Pierre Trudeau a past prime minister, who helped with things like the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The last one I have for now is Jeanne Mance. She was among the group of French colonists that came to settle at Ville Marie. In 1645, she founded the first official hospital in Montreal, Hotel-Dieu.