Benedict Arnold

Emily Swanson


Many people know the story of Benedict Arnold and many don't. Ben was a very brave and strong man who wouldn't take no for an answer. At an early age Ben had many goals set and many achievements. Most people don't know what to expect from him. Was he good, was he bad? He didn't start off as an American. He was actually helping the British at the beginning of the war. Benedict Arnold was a very important role of the Revolutionary War.

Early Life

Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741. He went away to study with Reverend Cogswell at the age eleven. Ben had three siblings and a mom and a dad. When he hit fourteen Ben was very strong and athletic. His sister was named Hannah. I'm not exactly sure what his other siblings names were. Sadly two of his siblings died. Ben was only left with Hannah. Still Ben and Hannah had great times together. They also suffered bad times together like when Bens mother died when he was eighteen. His father died two years later when Ben was twenty. When he was a teen he was a trouble maker. He once led a group to a cannon! He got married when he was twenty-six and he had three kids. His wife was named Margaret Mansfield. Once again somebody that Ben loved died. Margaret died when she was only 30. Nobody truely know why.

Was he good or was he bad?

Ben was very self centered and didn't care about many people. He always wanted to go into war but many people discouraged this idea. Goerge Washington was proud of his military skills and wanted him as a soldier. Most people thought he was hard to work with for he always thought he was right. In 1777 Ben was passed on for a promotion. "I sensibly feel the unmerited injury my country men have done me" Ben explained to a friend. After that Arnold led a bold attack on the British at Saratoga. Before that he did many things to prove he was worthy for this role. Certain people thought this was very irritating and annoying, but George Washington saw something in Ben that most people didn't.
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War time

Going into war was very exciting for Ben. He was eager to fight. Ben and Colonel headed to New York immediately. They arrived at Fort on May 10, 1775. The British surrendered before the first shot was fired. In June Goerge Washington ordered Ben to lead an expedition from Main to Quebec for a surprise attack. On their way there they ran out of food. They had to survive on dogs, shoes, and candles. They finally arrived at Quebec. They lost 400 men and 60-100 were killed. The British only lost 20! Ben was very great in war.


Many people hated Ben and many didn't. Ben was very foolish but was determined to get stuff done. He was also eager to prove he was worthy. He was also very important in the war. Ben lived a very successful and interesting life.


Ordered - carefully orginized or controlled

Surrendered - to agree to stop fighting or hiding because you know you won't win

Expedition - a journey by a group of people for a specific purpose.

Promotion - the act of moving someone to a higher position



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