The Awesome Zilker Park

By Kenn Nguyen and Liam Piper

Zilker Park

Give me 3-5 great sentences about the history of your landmark.Be sure to answer the following questions from your notes outline:1. Zilker Park is an important place of interest and history.2. 1901:Andrew Zilker bought land and gave it away to Austin. It developed into a park in the 1930s [The Great Despression]. Soon, other things were founded, like canoeing.3. It is still here, though it used to be a Native American camp. Now, it is a nature preserve.


The Kite Festival was held over 75 years.First record by a Mexican settler, Henry P. Hill.Area around Barton Springs used for agriculture, milling, and ranching.

Our Landmark Over Time

Andrew Zilker


Why is he important? Andrew gave away some of his owned land.