Weekly News

12/7/15 - 12/14/15

Busy Busy Busy

Welcome to the last week of school for the year 2015! We have been busy third graders the last couple of weeks! Please look forward to a note coming home later in the week about students bringing a bag full of choice books home to read over break! Also, we will be sending one more newsletter home towards the end of the week with some fun resources that students can access over the two weeks.

Revision Video - Language Arts

This quick video link matches the picture for revising. It is Ruth Ayres and she explains how we revise everyday in common ways. It is a nice visual for students to notice how they use revision in their everyday lives.
4 Revision Choices

Social Studies


Moving forward into multiplication has been an exciting and comfortable transition! Students are excited to learn and show off their multiplication strategies!

These are student generated strategies for multiplication. The goal is that students find what works for them. If students are stuck, they can refer to this chart and try a strategy of their choice. Please refer to this at home as well because these are familiar and comfortable to our students. Look below for a close up!

Big image

Subitizing Cards

Subitizing is immediately knowing how many items are within a picture or visual.

We have been using these cards for multiplication practice. We flip one over for 5 seconds and students should be able to "see" 5 groups of 7 which is 5 x 7. These can act as visual flash cards for students to use number and quantity to help with retention.

Upcoming Events

Friday, December 18th: Holiday Party starting at 2:30

December 19th - January 3rd: Break

Wednesday, January 13th: 3rd Grade Technology Night

Friday, January 15: No school, staff professional development day

Monday, January 18: No school, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day