She's the Man vs. Twelfth Night

Oriana Delgado- Partin 3rd

Compare & Contrast

She's the Man

1. Malvolio is the tarantula, that Malcom put in Sebastian's and Duke's room.

2. Viola dresses like her brother, Sebastian.

3. Sebastian is Orsino's roommate.

4. Olivia is upset because she broke up with her boyfriend.

5. Toby is Duke's team mate and friend.

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Twelfth Night

1. Malvolio is a steward of Olivia's house hold.

2. Viola is dressed as a man she invented called Cesario.

3. Cesario is Orsino's favorite servant.

4. Olivia is upset because her brother is dead.

5. Toby is Olivia's uncle.

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1. Olivia falls in love with Cesario or Sebastian (both Viola).

2. Viola falls in love with Duke Osino.

3. " Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon'em" (Act II).

4. Sebastian (Viola's brother) falls in love with Olivia, and she accepts him.

5.Viola dresses like a man.

Comedy Ladder

Comedy of Ideas
  • In the play Twelfth Night when Orsino says "no woman's heart so big, to hold so much; they lack retention alas their love may be call'd appetite. That suffer surfeit, cloyment and revolt; but mine is all as hungry as the sea, and can digest as much; make no compare between that love a woman can bear me and that I owe Olivia" (Act II, Scene IV). In the quote Orsino is basically stating that a woman can't love more than a man can because a man a a bigger heart and can hold more love than a woman could ever.
  • In She's the Man, when Viola wanted to try out for the boys soccer team, all of the boys in the team and the coach laughed at her because she was a girl.
Comedy of Manners
  • In the movie, when Justin insults Viola about her not being good enough for the boys soccer team, and she breaks up with him in front of all his team mates.
  • In the play Twelfth Night a good example for comedy of manner is when Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria try to trick Malvolio by sending him fake letters from Olivia. Making him believe that Olivia is in love with him, and making him do many embarrassing things and making himself look foolish.
  • In She's the Man, when Monique mistakes Viola for Sebastian and goes on to insult her and say it's because she has no curves.
  • "O time, thou must untangle this, not I. It is too hard a knot for me t'untie" (Act II, Scene III). In the play Viola says this because she knows Olivia loves her but she is not actually a man, so she doesn't know how to control the situation because she is in love with Duke, so she decides to let time solve her problems.
Low Comedy
  • In the movie She's the Man, when Duke find tampons in Sebastian's (Viola) boots and she tells him it helps absorb the blood when her nosebleeds.
  • In the play Twelfth Night, when Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are singing obnoxiously and act like dumb animals. They're are drunk, so they don't act their normal themselves, they make themselves seem foolish.
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