Nathan Tobin 5D

Reflection of Week 1

I really enjoyed my first week of exhibition, I got to know my partners better. We had our first meeting and I was excellent with lots of great ideas. On the key concept questions I could have wrote more about speeding and texting when driving. My favourite bit was getting know my mentor Miss Muller and when my Mum's photo made the class laugh.

My Action

My action is to have more people wearing seat belts leaving school.

Reflection of week 2

I enjoyed macking smore dockuments and finding out more about road safety. It was a plusher to work with them wen I hade a chsants I am locking forwed to working on our action

aspects of the LEARNER PROFILE that I have shown in week 2

The aspects of the LEARNER PROFILE that I have shown are a communicator because I have sheard my idears with my group and I have bin a thincker because I have red the websits and thart hawe to put it in my one words and with the help from ms Margrate this weeck has bin a sekses.

What I would like to change.

I would like to have flying cars so that there won't be so much traffic congestion, If the traffic congestion was less there would be fewer accidents on the road. The air cars would have a GPS which would guide them and stop them from going near any other flying cars.

week 3

I changed my attitude about ...

I dident chanj my atichoud.

I became more aware of ...

I became more aware of people thet wore not telling the trouth.

I was surprised about ...

I was surprised that 2 taxi drivers sead never in thear adult driveng life they woar seatbelts.

I felt ...

I felt happy thatmost people sead they always wear thear seatbelt BUT I was sad that sum of them wore liying.

I related to ...

I related to people that want to moov around in your car but I would pout my seat belt on eneywhay

I demonstrated empathy by ...

I demonstrated empathy by putting myself in saxi diivers shoos because they might feel uncumfitable