Module 9

Mobile Apps for Learning

The Elements by Theodore Gray

The elements is ultimately an interactive periodic table where users are able to view the elements and sub stories for each element. This would be a great way to engage learners in the classroom about learning the periodic table and the importance of it. Students can be excited and engaged with the pictures and information provided about each element along with the 3D feature, if students have 3D glasses. This app is on the pricier side of things, so that would be a downside of it.
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Flashcards +

This app allows used to make online flashcards, which can be used for mobile review or studying. This is a great way for students to be able to review on the go and have all the information needed right in their hands rather than lugging around their binders. A neat feature is that you can actually share you flashcards, so students can share with one another or a teacher can help students out by creating a class set of flashcards. Great part about this is that it is free.
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This app allows users to use a special pen while writing their notes on paper and having it transferred directly onto their computer. This is great for subjects where computers do not always work, like math, and can be used for a flipped classroom. These notes are shareable so students could view them on the go with the app, which is free. However, the pen is quite expensive.
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Poll Everywhere

This app allows students to text their responses to poll questions and teachers are able to see them. This idea is similar to an iClicker or the polls we sometimes do during the online lecture. This site is customizable and has the option to make the answers anonymous. Your students are able to see the results after the fact because it is publishable. This app is free, however there is a limit to how many students.
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Quick Graph

This app is like a graphing calculator, but has better features. It allows you to stretch your graph, rotate it, and see it in 2D and 3D. This would be ideal for higher level math when graphs become important in learning and understanding concepts. This app is free and students can't use the "I forgot my calculator at home" excuse since this is an app on your phone!
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