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Welcome to Gresham High School!

A Warm Welcome to our 9th-Grade Families!

It is amazing how quickly these first 6 weeks have passed. We hope your 9th-grade student has settled into the routines of the academic year and is comfortable reaching out to teachers for help.

This newsletter includes information on a few important topics to help families support their students to successfully transition to high school.

9th Grade: A Big Year

At Gresham, we are deeply committed to ensuring all our students reach their full potential; this includes preparing students to thrive in an ever-changing global community. 9th grade is an important year to ensure long-term success in high school. Research shows that whether students graduate from high school is largely determined during their freshman year. In fact, students who finish 9th grade on track to graduate are 3.5 times more likely to graduate on time.

What does it mean to be “on track” to graduate?

  • Finishing 9th-grade earning ¼ of the credits needed to graduate (at least 6 credits)

  • Failing no more than one core subject.

As a staff, we want to help your student develop the habits and mindsets that lead to personal and academic success!

Transitioning to High School

While starting high school is exciting, the transition to high school places significant demands on students—academically, socially, and behaviorally. Students’ brains are still developing-- so they have a propensity to be impulsive and make bad choices (like using cellphones during class or taking a long lunch and missing 5th period). Meanwhile, the teenage brain is hardwired to connect with and conform to peers, even as it pushes back against authority. It is natural for students to struggle as they make the transition to high school. But there are ways adults in their lives can help.
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Indicators of Success:

Attendance and course performance are key indicators for student success. We encourage you to closely monitor these with your student and talk with them if you notice any downward trends.


The biggest risk factor for failing a class is the number of absences. A hidden rule of high school success is to simply show up and do the work!


Grades are also important. Academic performance reflects effective study habits and routines as well as mastery of a subject. At the end of each semester, students earn .5 credits for each class successfully completed. These grades become part of your student’s permanent high school transcript.

You can help your student stay on top of classwork by regularly reviewing grades together in Parentvue. This is a great opportunity to talk about what they’re learning. If there are missing assignments, make sure students know how to make up the work. Often this is a great time to help students hone in on any problems they might be having, whether it’s with organization (tracking when assignments are due and getting them turned in) or needing more support on a concept. Remember, 9th graders are still learning how to do school, and will need support along the way. This might include talking about how to approach a teacher for help.

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Connect with us

Please reach out to our team if you have any questions or want to discuss ways we can support your student.
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