Essential Oils

Not Sure About Oils But Kinda Want to See and Smell Them?

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Essential Oils

Ok ladies, I stumbled upon essential oils trying to make bedtime easier at my house and have gotten really interested in all the awesome stuff they can do! I am NOT an expert and I am still somewhat of a skeptic...BUT... I now have a (rather large) collection of oils. I am NOT trying to sell you anything! If you are curious about oils and would like to see or smell them please come! And I just really want to see you girls!

Here are just a few ways I have used oils effectively:
Build your immune system
Relieve stress & anxiety and lift your mood
Increase productivity
Detoxing and decreasing sugar cravings
Treat fungus, fever blisters, cuts and scrapes, and razor burn
Assist in first aid and pain relief
Relieve cough and congestion
Tummy issues (constipation, heart burn, discomfort)

Thursday, March 19th @ 1:00 (school or my house)

Let's go each lunch somewhere first! Where do you girls want to go?!

Message or text if you're interested and bring a friend if you like!