Tracking Poster for Paul Fisher

By: Chase Andress

Tangerine Book Summary

In the book Tangerine a 7th grade boy named Paul moves to a new county with his very rude, disgusting, mean, popular, football star brother (Erik), his dad who doesn't seem to care about Paul's sports life and focuses on his brothers football dream instead, and his mom who is very carefree but at the same time always looking out for the two boys. The county they moved to was very strange and weird, like how lightning strikes the same spot every day, muck fires last forever, and sink holes swallow schools. Paul tries to figure out the secrets and on the way finds a lot of secrets about his family.

Choices Paul Made

> Jumped on Coach Warner to protect Victor and Tino.

> Went to Tangerine Middle.

> He decided to tell the homeowners association about the osprey taking the koi

> Paul tells Sergeant Rojas what he saw Erik and Arthur do.

> Paul stands up to Erik and Arthur after the award ceremony.

How His Choices Affected Him

> This choice was a good affect, because after he jumped on the coach everyone treated him as someone scary and not as a wimp. "I've never been anything but a nerd. And now i'm going to enter this nerd school, not as a fellow nerd, but as a feared and notorious outlaw."

> Paul going to Tangerine middle changed him for the better because he got to actually play soccer unlike Lake Windsor Middle. "Mom you ruined my life at Lake Windsor Middle when you turned in that IEP. This your chance to un-ruin it!"

> Telling the homeowners association about the osprey taking the koi was a positive affect because now since he did it, he is invited to more meetings. "were going to have an important meeting here at noon, Paul. We'd like you to attend."

> After telling the police officer about what he saw he now feels relieved about lying. "I saw Arthur Bauer sneak up behind Luis Cruz like a coward and hit him on the side of the head..."

> This helps Paul in a good way because he then remembers what really happened to his eyes. "i'm not afraid of you, Erik. Come on."

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