Slice of Life Story Challenge!

March Blogging Challenge

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Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge

Every March, The Two Writing Teachers blog hosts a Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) for teachers who commit to blogging each day for 31 days. The Two Writing Teachers blog also hosts the same challenge for students (with a teacher or adult to sponsor them). Our class is taking on the challenge to blog each day in March!

The goal of the challenge is to help writers find their voice, sharpen their skills, live a more writerly life, and connect with other writers in a community. Students will be asked to comment on other student blog posts as part of the challenge (at least 3 a day). Comments should be thoughtful and helpful to the writer.

Students will have the opportunity to blog at school most days and they can also blog at home if you like. Blogging on the weekend will help them earn more badges! If technology is an issue, students can use the paper provided in their blogging packet to write entries. These entries will count towards earning their badges!

Each student will get a digital badge sheet, where badges earned will be placed digitally throughout the challenge. At the end of the challenge, each student will get a printed copy of their badges. Please see this link for more information about all the badges:

Each badge earned will also earn the student one Class Dojo point. Here are the other badge rewards:

5 badges earned: Student will receive a certificate for participation

10 more more badges: Student will be eligible to be in a raffle for prizes!

The badges will hopefully add to the motivation and fun, but the real reward is in the writing!

Support our bloggers with COMMENTS!

We welcome positive comments on our blog! To be able to comment on our blogs, you need a join code for Kidblog. The join code will expire after March 8th. Please go to You will see a blue box that says JOIN. The join code is: d63rxaf Once you enter the code, you will have to enter an email address and password. Then you are all set! Please feel free to pass on the join code to relatives and friends who would enjoy reading your child's blog and offering positive encouragement!

How can I help my child with the Classroom SOLSC?

Showing enthusiasm is a great start! Asking your chid about what he/she blogged about that day and reading the blog and commenting will mean so much to your child. As funny, interesting, or memorable things happen in your family, you can remind your child that the story might make the perfect "slice of life" blog post. The idea behind "slice of life" is that the everyday moments in our lives do have meaning and should be shared! A slice of life can be very simple. Some of our badges involve trying a poem, writing a review of something (toy, game, movie, restaurant, book) and writing a post in gratitude for someone who has done something kind for you. You can help your child look for opportunities to write these type of posts.

It's okay if there is a day your child doesn't want to blog. The challenge is optional. I encourage all of the students to try and to set a goal to write as much as they are able to do so with joy and enthusiasm. I can't wait to hear all the stories they will share this month!