Art Show

5 Senses


This year we decided to get inspired by our 5 senses.

Every day, children are exploring their world through the use of their senses. Each child has a unique way of learning. Some are visual learners, some are oral learners, and some need to touch things. The more senses they use when exploring an activity, the deeper their learning experience.

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Sense of Smell

Scented Self-Portrait

The sense of smell tells us about our environment. We can smell good things like ‘ tasty ’ food, horrible smells like dirty socks and dangerous smells like smoke from a fire.

To explore the sense of smell in an art project, we decided to ask the children to create a Self Portrait. Each child drew themselves on a white piece of paper. Then, I traced their portraits using a permanent marker. Each child was asked to create their own skin and hair tone using different paint colors and spices. We used cinnamon, vanilla, and turmeric.

Sense of Taste

If life gives you lemons...

During the morning meeting, we explored lemons and limes with our 5 senses. Then, I called them one by one to capture the moment when they tried it. The pictures were amazing!

Sense Of Sight

Let your Light Shine

Inspired by light and shadow, we created a lamp to showcase our understanding of sight. Glue, food coloring and sticks were our tools. Children added food coloring to a thick layer of glue and made line wiggles with the sticks. After a few days, we had beautiful clears "stain glass". Place them in their nightstand and let them shine!

Sense of Touch

Textured Painted Garden

Inspired by Eric Carle, we decided to create our own textured garden. We read the story "The Tiny Seed", and closely looked at the pictures on the book. We encouraged children to describe the different textures they saw. Then, with a little creativity we created 4 different texture stamps using blocks and recycled materials.

After stamping, we made petals and stems with the stamped paper. Each child then chose how to make their own flower. For the center of the flower, children used a mixture of sand and glitter.

Sense of Hearing

Echoing Kindness

Our Megaphones were created on Kindness Week. First, we discussed what "being kind" really means and how to be kind in our school. To link it to our Sense of Hearing, we then used a paper megaphone to say kind words to our friends. This was a beautiful activity during our morning routine. Each child got the chance to give and receive kind words.

We talked about how sound travels and how our ears are specially built to listen.

In Art, children had the opportunity to experiment how listening to music can help us relax, concentrate and feel better.

As part of the Art Project, each child had the opportunity to work independently in coloring a mandala. We provided ipads, headphones and relaxing music for them to work. Then, each child decorated their megaphones.

This megaphones are a tool to spread kindness using our words! Please keep on using them at home!


The auction is now closed! We have the winning family...drum roll....Miranda's Family will be taking it home!

Thank you all for participating in this beautiful activity! It was a pleasure to work on it with your kids.

Remember, all donations will go to Make-A-Wish Foundation!

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A walk around the Art Show...

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