Concussion Meeting

When is it not okay to play?

Concussion Awareness

Think concussions aren't a big deal? Did you know you could even possibly die? The brain is a very sensitive body part. What is a concussion? A concussion is a brain injury from a blow to the head or shaking and usually results in the swelling of the brain. As athletes we all know that we play through injuries. But under no circumstance should you play with a concussion. But the brain isn't like anything else, it has a very limited amount of space it can swell, and if it swells more than that then there can be serious damage.

When is it okay to Sit out?

Friday, March 18th, 6pm

West Wilkes High School, New Gym

Ever been tackled and had a serious headache or been dizzy? Learn at our meeting how severe it really might have been
5:30- doors open

6:00- 6:15 What is a concussion?

6:15-6:45-Signs, symptoms and assessment of a concussion

6:45-7:30- What you should do for a concussion, when is it okay to play, and how to prevent one