Scottsboro Boys vs TKAM

Are they the same?


The two stories you may have heard of on real the other fictional but are they both really the same case? In both the Scottsboro trial and TKAM their where lawsuits involving a black man raping a white woman. In both of the cases the black mans lawyer had provided a great cross examination of the stories. Another similarity is that some of the boys where crippled like Tom. Finally in both cases the black defendant had been convicted and sentence to death.


While the two cases are quite similar their are a few differences. For one the alleged rape took place on a train while the other is in their house. Another key difference is that in the Scottsboros case their was 9 men and two women while in TKAM their was only one black man and one white woman. Another difference between the two stories is that in the end the Scottsboro boys got retried and where acquitted while this was not the case in TKAM.