Volume 1 Issue 22

Points to Ponder

Word of the Month: Innovation
Thought of the Week: We made it...Spring Break here we come!
Thursday Fun-day: Our Friday is Thursday this week. Wear your jeans and a "springish' top. I will be wearing my monogrammed shirt with the bunny ears on the back (for those of you that purchased one...feel free to do the same)!

Important Information

  • As a reminder, our school will be visited by the elementary school principals and board members during the beginning of April. Let's make our school shine like the star it is. I would love to see student work in the hall that exemplifies the innovative work that our students are doing. This is your opportunity to brag on yourselves (visually). The elementary principals will be here on the 7th and the board on the 11th. Some of you (or your students) will also be contacted about participating in the presentation. Thank you in advance for your help and flexibility!
  • We are interviewing for the Reading/Math Specialist position this week. The leadership team will be available on a limited basis due to the all day interviews. Please do your best to handle any discipline problems on your own. As always, if it is an emergency, we will make ourselves available.
  • As you know, we will have teaching positions available for the 2016-2017 school year. If you have friends or colleagues that are interested, please direct them to the Applitrack website, they are also welcome to email me directly.
  • With the weather warming up, classes will be spending more time out side for lunch, snacks, etc…. Please do not put food & drink trash ion the outdoor trash cans as they will attract wildlife and bugs.

    Ms. Wood will have some small kitchen trash bags and we need for the trash to be brought in and disposed of. Phillip usually keeps the large cart outside of the cafeteria door that the trash can be placed in or it can be tied off and put in the hall at the end of the day. (Please do not put trash in the halls until the students have left for the day)

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If you are interested in developing future teachers...Winthrop University needs you!

It's time to sign up to be a host or mentor teacher with Winthrop University! If you have a desire to work with university level students and to help develop the future teachers of the world, this is your opportunity! So, what's the difference in the two models?
Host teachers-support students through early field experiences (think Freshmen-Juniors that come in for a few hours a semester-usually no more than 10)
Mentor teachers-support seniors through their year long internships while using a co-teaching model.
Use the link below to sign up! If you do complete the application please email me to let me know. Thank you!

Most Valuable Player

This week the M.V.P's are Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Burns AND their 4 year olds!

They cleaned the entire Kindergarten playground! They happily removed all the trash, broken containers , plastic wrappers and food - none of which belonged to them! They said "we are helping to keep our Earth green!" Thank you to Mrs. Kuhn and Mrs. Burns for helping to nurture such responsible citizens!

Have a GREAT week and a WONDERFUL Spring Break!