Research in the Library

All the stuff you need to answer the questions you have!

Ever have a question you just couldn't get out of your mind? Or maybe an assignment where you knew very little about the topic? Everyone has needed to research! We were born with a need to know!

Read below to find out ways that the Ashley Library can help you turn your 'need to know' into an 'already knew'!


What Are Databases and Why You Need Them

MackinVIA at Ashley

Here at Ashley, we have a TON of online resources that are here to help you! These resources have articles, pictures, and videos from so many great places!

Why should you use MackinVIA??

  • It's easy! You just have to log in one time to get access to every resource.
  • It's trustworthy! You can trust that the information you get from these resources is true and from an honest source.
  • It's free! You don't have to pay for information. Anything you want to know is right there at your fingertips!

MackinVIA Log In

To log in to MackinVIA -

  • Choose your school name - Ashley Elementary
  • User ID - Student Number
  • Password - 8-digit birthday

Non-Fiction Books

Dewey Decimal System

  • Created by Melville Dewey in the 1800's
  • Groups books together by subject (NOT author like the fiction or everybody books)
  • Dinosaur books can be found in the 560s
  • The 500's are dedicated to Science and Math
  • The 560's are reserved just for dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, and fossils!

Where in the World are they?

In the Ashley Library, the Non-Fiction Dinosaur books are in the YELLOW section. Look for the 500's sticker at the top of the shelf and the dinosaur picture!

Reference Books

What are Reference books?

Where in the World are they?

In the Ashley Library, the reference books are in the back corner next to the computers!