Eagle Express

First Day FAQs

First Day for In-Person Students

Please keep a few key things in mind as you bring your student back to school:

  • Our car line will be long the first few days-- please be patient with us and students
  • DO NOT pass other cars in the car line unless directed by a staff member
  • Drive all the way to the front of the car line to allow several students to unload at one time
  • Please do not park in the parking lot and walk your student to the doors. Visitors are not allowed in the building at this time
  • Relax-- your student will be well cared for and loved!

Arrival Procedures


Patience will be our motto this first week with respect to arrival and dismissal. Students will be waiting outside and watching for their cars. Please pull forward as far as possible once the line begins to move. This allows several cars to load at once. Watch for staff members to direct you. DO NOT drive around other vehicles unless directed to do so by a staff member.

We expect to have more students arriving and leaving school by car this year, so be prepared for a little longer wait. We promise it will get faster.

Health and Safety

See You After School

Remember that we will be accepting essential visitors only. This means parents cannot drop off supplies, school work, or lunches at school. Other groups such as Door Dash and Grub Hub will also not be allowed. We thank you for sharing your children with us, and we will take great care of them during the school day.

School Lunches

Our cafeteria has temporarily suspended our snack bar option. All lunches will be Grab-and-Go from our regular lines.

Lunch pick-up will still be offered during regular hours. Check out the link on our district page if you will be a remote learner.