Offspring are young. This kind of offspring are chicks. chicks will hatch after around 21 days after being lied.

Only fertilized eggs will hatch. Fertilize means to have a chick inside of the egg. To fertilize an egg you need a cock or rooster and a hen.

A hen must turn the egg every hour. Other wise the chick will be stuck to the shell and has a chance of not surviving.

Farming for food

Birds have been domesticated for over 4000 years. Chickens have been domesticated for 4000 years. But only 1800 of those years were for meat and egg farming.

Most people all over the world eat chicken meat and eggs, but not as many eat organic, free range chickens. Other wise they might have got them from factory farmed chickens.

Other Chicken Words

Did you know that CHICKEN in Spanish is pollo.

Poultry farmers are chicken farmers. Poultry is another word for chickens. So poultry farming is chicken farming.

A scientific name for a domesticated roster is" gallus gallus".


A cock is a boy chicken, Also known as a rooster. There is also a sport for them, it is cockfighting. Cock fighting was always when people would breed a cock to look very mean. Then people stared to put two cocks in a pen, and make them fight to the death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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