Discovery Den!

February edition

Imagination Playground Check Out!


You can now check out the Imagination Playground for your classroom or recess! The imagination Playground can be moved outside but should be brought back after you have ensured all the pieces have been brought back. Enjoy!

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Introducing our NEW stations!


Meet Sphero 2.0

Spheros- Fun for all grade levels

We have two spheros for you to explore with! They each have an ipad you will use to drive the sphero.

1. Pick up the sphero and double tap it to wake it up (it will change colors)

2. Click on the ipad app and connect your sphero. App pic looks like ------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

3. Start playing! Once you are comfortable driving the sphero you can change apps or create a maze for your sphero.

Have fun!

Osmo Words

How to Play Words for Osmo

Osmo Words

1. Click on the words App (looks like -------------------------->

2. Decide if you are going to play with a partner. if you are you both get one set of letters either blue or red.

3. Start playing!


Students can explore with a variety of magnets. Please remind students to not leave the table with the magnets and to make sure they clean things up when they leave so others can enjoy. Take pictures of their creations! You may also ask your students to bring their science notebooks and create a t-chart of things that are magnetic vs not magnetic and then write a list of physical properties of the things that were magnetic.

Stations that are always open for you to explore

1. Reading corner---Use the ipad that is there to read the QR readers.

2. Microscopes ---I will also be adding new organisms to this area.

3. Small Imagination Playground---The small blue tinker toys are in the front of the room with the Legos

4. Legos---Students may also explore with the variety of legos that are available, remember to put the legos back in the correct boxes.

5. Snaptricity and Little Bits---Please please take care of these materials. Let me know if anything breaks so I can fix or order us a new piece.


Please review the stations above and then share this smore with your students. It can be used as a guide before you attend the discovery den. Also, you will need to decide which stations you are allowing your students to attend this month from the list above. Please be mindful that other grade levels use the den and clean up after your class.

Also, remember that Kinder is still please please use inside voices.

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Thanks and let me know if you have any questions,