Understanding the Basics

Starting a Nonprofit 101

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Already have the great idea and the passion? Let us steer you in the right direction to make it a reality.

Oversight Management (OM) is hosting Understanding the Basics of Starting a Nonprofit workshop to provide guidance on your first steps in beginning the journey to providing resources to underserved populations.. This includes what is needed to register your business with your state, understanding your mission and vision, what's included in a budget and applying for your 501(c)3 status. All these items will assist you in preparation for writing your grants and asking donors for money by creating a story that conveys your vision for the future.

The workshop is scheduled for Monday, January 6 at 6 - 7:30pm at 1666 Connecticut Avenue NW - one block from the Dupont Circle - North metro. This workshop is designed to provide assistance to individuals who are interested in starting a nonprofit. This is not a financial management workshop.

You must register to attend. To do so, please contact Register@OversightManagement.com. Please send any questions you may want answered in the workshop.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Malauna Steele
Oversight Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fundraise without being a 501(c)3?
Not legally, unless you have a fiscal sponser?

How much is the user fee per the IRS?
If the organization's average annual gross receipts have exceeded or will exceed $10,000 annually over a four-year period, the fee is $850. If gross receipts have not exceeded or will not exceed $10,000 annually over a four-year period, the user fee is $400.

Can I apply for grant funding?
The donor's guidelines will specify if you can apply without your determination status.

I want to make a profit by doing something good. Is this right for me?
Maybe you can consider a social enterprise, which yields both a financial and social return not a 501(c)3.

Do I need a Board?
Yes, you do. Let's talk more about what type of Board you may want.