PHS Newsletter

May 2021

Pella High School Students, Families, and Staff,

It is hard to believe how quickly the end of the year is approaching. We are very proud of the effort our students and staff put in to this year. We have learned many things this year, but the most important lesson has been about making the most of our opportunities and taking the time to enjoy every moment we get in life.

We thank you for your continued support as we close out the 2020-2021 school year - GO DUTCH!!!

Adam Beckel


Derek Schulte

Assistant Principal

Re: Senior Skip Day

Pella High School does not schedule, encourage, or promote any sort of "Senior Skip Day". The senior class already has days built into the calendar that can be considered privileged days for seniors in addition to seniors finishing school earlier than the rest of the student body. We have Senior Day of Service, days around Tulip Time, and other events where students may miss school without consequence. Many students miss school for athletic events, field trips, etc. in addition to these days. Having additional, unsanctioned "skip days" jeopardizes their ability to finish in good standing academically, especially toward the end of their last semester of their senior year. Violation of our attendance policies may result in detention, loss of senior release and/or being dropped from a course without credit. Unexcused absences also impact a students ability to attend or participate in co and extracurricular activities such as athletic practice or Carnaby Club. We appreciate your support in this effort.

Senior Immunization Cards & Final Transcripts

Senior parents & Junior graduates...please watch the mailbox for the following documents to keep for future reference:

  • Immunization Card

  • Copy of your senior’s “unofficial” transcript

  • Copy of your child’s final report card

  • Instructions on how to request college credits to be transferred to attending college this fall

The student services center will be sending final transcripts to the college written on the “Senior Check Out Form”. Questions regarding transcripts can be directed to the PHS student services center by calling 641-628-9539 or emailing Allissa Grandia (

2021-22 School Registration is STILL OPEN Online!

Deadline for registration was March 31st, but we have extended it for those who still need to register. Log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and find the ONLINE REGISTRATION link under the MORE section.

Beginning July 1, the 2021-22 School Fees can be paid online under the FEES & FOOD SERVICE sections on the parent portal. If you feel you qualify for Free/Reduced lunches, the 21-22 form will be released this summer and emailed to all district families. Questions? Contact Connie Boldt at 641-628-1748.

Questions regarding registration or your Infinite Campus log-in, please contact Allissa Grandia by emailing or by calling 641-628-9539.

Senior Celebration Update (May 3rd)

The time for senior celebration has been adjusted due to conflicting times with an AP test. The event will now take place at 1:30. See the Schedule below:
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Tulip Time Work Excuse

Please complete the form included in this newsletter and have your son or daughter turn in the form to the office. Tulip Time Work Excuse Form
Tulip Time Work Excuse Form

Click here for a copy of the form

Tulip Time Schedules

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Senior Awards Night - Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Senior Awards Night is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., in the Pella High School Auditorium. Please join the celebration of the Class of 2021 as many seniors will be recognized for scholarships and awards they have earned. Students who applied for Dollars for Scholars will receive an email invite and should attend to receive their scholarship from the donor. Please dress appropriately; business casual is encouraged. Attendees will be expected to wear masks.

Senior Volunteer Hours

The final deadline for seniors’ hours will be Monday, May 10, by 3:30 p.m. All hours need to be turned in by this time, so we can accumulate them before Senior Awards Night on the 12th. Because of this, we will be unable to accept late submissions.
Senior Graduation Letter

Click here to view the senior graduation letter containing upcoming dates and events for seniors

Student Medications Pick up

The nurse will be available from 8:00 AM until 3:30 PM on May 26, and from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on May 27. During these hours parents may pick up student medication at the high school. This is for both prescription and non-prescription medications. Items not picked up during this time will be disposed of appropriately.

If you are not sure your student has medication in the nurse office, please email

Student Fines and Fees

Please check infinite camps to verify that all students fees and fines are taken care of prior to student checkout (including lunch debts). Unpaid items may impact senior participation in graduation ceremonies.

Semester Assessment, Laptop Return, & Check Out Schedule

Semester assessments will be given in all classes. The students will be assessed in multiple ways by the high school teachers. A student may be evaluated with a standard semester test, a project, a portfolio, a presentation, or essay, etc.

  1. There will be 75 minute assessment sessions on May 25, 26, and 27.

  2. Students are only required to be in school if they have a test. Students should be in the cafeteria, the library, or leave campus if they do not have a test. Students are not to be in the academic areas of the building during semester assessments.

  3. All students will eat during the same single 75 minute lunch period on May 25 and 26.

  4. Students who cannot take their assessments during the scheduled semester test days will be expected to make-up assessments after 12:30 on May 27. All makeup assessments must be coordinated with teachers. Students are not allowed to move any semester assessments.

  5. Students are not to be dismissed early from assessment sessions.

  6. Homeroom on May 25 will be in to inform them of the end of the year items such as laptop check-in, check out form for each student, locker clean out, etc.

  7. Students may check in laptops any time after they have completed their last assessment. Laptop check in times are between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM.

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