Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

By: Holly Karakaya


Are you ready to search the grassland? Ok, but shh! We don't want to disturb the animals. Scratch, scratch, scratch that is the sound of a prairie dog digging a hole. Now he wants you to read all about him. Read my research about the Prairie Dog!

Appearance & Classification

Prairie dog size is the size of a squirrel. The prairie dog weighs 2-4 pounds, wow!. The prairie dog's height is 14-16 inch incredible! The colors of the prairie dog are brown and gold, sweet!. The skin cover is all furry. Their legs are 5 inches. The prairie dog is a mammal.

Habitat Information

The prairie dog lives in western North America. They live in U.S.A., Mexico and Canada. They love the plains and mountains. The weather is usually warm. Their home is in a grassy and prairie type area. They dig holes underground. Their house is like an underground apartment.

Predator & Prey

Here are the prairie dogs predators: a black footed ferret, a dog, a wolf, a coyote, a bob cat, a fox . The main enemy is the bobcat. A prairie dog will dig hole and go underground to hide from a predator. The prairie dog also blends in with dirt.

The prairie dog is a herbivor He eats grasses, bugs, seeds. Yuck!.

Fascinating Facts

The prairie dogs are named from their habitat

The prairie dog don't need water.

Most prairie dog don't hibernate .

lewis and clark sent a prairie dog to thomas jefferson.

there groups are called '' towns ''.


Bark, Bark! We better get out of here! Here comes the prairie dog's predator. Did you learned a lot about the prairie dog? I hope you learned a lot today. Please have a fascinating amazing day.