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September 10, 2020

For Your Information

Day 1 is in the books! Whether you came to Roosevelt or were a distance learner...I hope your first day was a smashing success!!!

~ Welcome Back video: Welcome back to ALL...here's to a GREAT year! This video also includes the Summer MyOn Reading Winners, so be sure to watch.

~ Student Support Services: Welcome to Alyson Kehn, Roosevelt's new guidance counselor. Whether your child is attending school OR distance learning, she is available to you! Check out her website here AND please have your child fill out this google form if they would like to talk to Ms. Kehn (also linked below where it'll live for awhile).

~ Drop Off & Pick Up: Just a few reminders...please don't come early. No student may arrive at school before 7:35. If students are being dropped off or walking/riding a bike, they may arrive no sooner than 7:40 and enter the school building at that time. Also, please be on time for picking up your child. We will begin this process at 1:25, with the goal of all students where they need to be by 1:40 each day. Students who are walking or biking home must leave school grounds promptly. They cannot stay and play on the playground or hangout with friends.

~ Rain Gear: Please be sure your child has an umbrella or a rain coat to use during dismissal time. It's possible that they could be outside waiting for 10-15 minutes, and if it's raining, they will want to have the appropriate gear. Sharing of umbrellas will not be possible during this time, so each student having either a raincoat or an umbrella will be important.

~ MASK wearing was amazing today! Thank you for your help in building mask-wearing stamina. Yahoo for you!! Social distancing was more difficult today. Any conversation or reminders you can give to your kiddos about the importance of keeping 6 feet of distance between themselves and others would be most appreciated!

~ Daily Home Screening Guidelines: Please complete the student screening each morning and report your child’s information to the school nurse if they have any of the following symptoms: MAPS COVID-19 Student Screening.

~ September 23 is our first full day PLC. Hybrid students will be provided with Distance Learning paper and pencil expectations to be completed at home for this day. Please start planning ahead for your child's care on this full day, as it's right around the corner!

Thanks for making it a GREAT first day!


Ann Haggerty

Roosevelt Principal


Requests to Transfer Between Models

We appreciate the thoughtfulness your family has put into making the best decision for your student to start the school year. While we would like families to stay committed to their decision, we understand that based on a number of reasons that influence your decision, you may need to change your child's delivery model.

If you would like to be considered for a transfer from the Safe Learning Plan to the Distance Learning Option, please contact the Roosevelt office by 3:00 Thursday each week. If you would like to be considered for a transfer from the Distance Learning Option to the Safe Learning Plan, please contact both the Roosevelt office and Jody Ritmiller (jrittm1@isd77.org) by 3:00 Thursday each week.

The elementary administrative team will review requests on a weekly basis every Friday.

After your transfer request is received in the school office, you may be contacted by Mrs. Haggerty to talk through the reason for the request. Depending on the capacity at both the school and distance learning class, staffing could be impacted. Approval to change options may come as early as the following week but could also take weeks.

Once your request can be approved, you will be notified of the change to begin the following week.