Kyra Madsen's Portfolio

By: Kyra Madsen

What she's like

Kyra Madsen is a hard working 6th grade student. She plays soccer, cheer, basketball, volleyball and guitar. She is very active in her school. She is a straight A student with big hopes to one day become an actress. Determined she thrives to complete any goal she has. Here is some of the things that she did in tec. class at the Caddo Mills Middle School.

Life and Times

Her life

Born Aug. 5 2003 Kyra is one of the younger ones in the sixth grade. But she doesn't let that stop her. Soon she will be trying out for the Caddo Mills Middle School cheer squad. And spring break is just around the corner. Her future might be far away but she wont let that stop her either. In hopes of one day being an actress she thrives for either NYU or The American Academy of the Dramatic Arts.

Costume Day

On costume day or Halloween as we call it this was the first year that students were allowed to dress up. In tec. Mrs. Rutherford took pictures of the students. Although Kyra is not in the picture she wore a super girl costume.