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Holiday has Arrived

Good bye fellow librarians. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone in August. Below are a few notes so you may mark your calendar or add some details
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Social Buddies

If you volunteered to be a social buddy please drop our new member a line to say hello. New to the ISLN and have questions? You may write to librarynetwork@gmail.com and someone will be in touch.

Biography - who is in the ISLN

Here's an updated link to share some biographical information. It would be great to have everyone's details, twitter handles and blogs so we can better support each other virtually!

This document has been revised and will be shared at the first meeting, we don't want to miss anyone.


In order to support us planning events please take a moment to complete this calendar with your school holidays.

ISLN Meeting -

Tuesday, Sep. 4th, 4:30pm

UWC South East Asia East Campus, Singapore 528704


Please join us to greet new members and say hello to familiar faces. You may RSVP or send regrets here.

It's a Wrap - End of Year Party

Thank you, Julie and the team for setting up a wonderful end of year party. We had laughter, prizes and said some farewells to our colleagues.

From Strength to Strength

Kate Brundage shared a fascinating snapshot of her presentation on strengths, sponsored by Gallup Strengths. It was a refreshing way to look at our own practice through our strengths. Next year, I hope we can bring our strengths to the group to share!

Do you have a snapshot of professional development to share? Or do you want an audience of friendly faces before you present in the broader world?

Sign up here to host a sharing session.