The Cold War

The War Without Battle


The Cold War was millitary tension caused by World War II. The Cold War was in between two allies turned enemies. The United States was on one side and the Soviet Union(USSR) was on the other. These were the strongest countries in the world and they both wanted to have a say in the choices of other countries. This caused problems that then became the Cold War.
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This is the past because the Cold War was a war without battles
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This is the present because the war in Iraq is a war that the US fought in with weapons


The Cold War is the same as the war in Iraq because they are both called wars. Both have two side facing one another. During the Cold War people invented the first nuclear weapons which we still use today. The last thing they have in common is they both have a victor. The Cold War has lots in common with modern day wars because of these things.


The things that are different include the fact that the Cold War had no battles between the two sides. Another thing that is different is the style of fighting and talking to the other side. Another thing is that the people of the Cold War had just finished World War II, when we got the war in Iraq started we hadn't just finished a world war. The Cold War didn't have any blood shed but it came close to having some. These make the Cold War different from the modern day wars.