Danielle Elizabeth Roach

Danielle Elizabeth Roach: Student-Athlete

Danielle Elizabeth Roach

Danielle Elizabeth Roach is a respected and revered student athlete at Emmanuel College, a school located in Franklin Springs, Georgia. She is the first scholarship player of the Emmanuel College Women’s Lacrosse team, and is an NAIA Academic All-American. Danielle Elizabeth Roach is a talented lacrosse player and a studious academic, and has proven the ability to be successful in both athletics and in academics.

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Danielle Elizabeth Roach: Building a Foundation

A college degree, at least to Danielle Elizabeth Roach, is more than just a one way ticket to a career. For her, academic pursuit involves an invaluable opportunity to learn, as well as the chance to become a well-informed and more effective leader in both the local and the national community.

The education Danielle Elizabeth Roach is receiving at Emmanuel College, a Christian-focused liberal arts school in Franklin Springs, Georgia, is providing her the foundation she needs to become a positive, impactful and resonating influence in people’s lives. Currently seeking a career in the teaching profession, Danielle Elizabeth Roach hopes to apply the many valuable lessons and instruction she is receiving at Emmanuel to what promises to be a lengthy and successful career in children’s education.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach is also involved in her local community, striving to gain important life experience as well as to make a difference in people’s lives. She volunteers and works for the Southeastern Railway Museum, and provides invaluable help and support to abandoned, abused and/or neglected animals at the local animal shelter. A long-time resident of Georgia, Danielle Elizabeth Roach also passionately pursues her interest in University of Georgia football, and has become fond of boating.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach believes in personal growth, and participates in activities that help to strengthen her character and experience. She believes in challenging herself, academically, physically and intellectually, and finding inspiration in everyday experiences.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach finds inspiration in the following prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
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Danielle Elizabeth Roach: Seeking Out Ways to Help

Experienced local volunteer Danielle Elizabeth Roach is always seeking out new and effective ways to be of service to the local community. Known for her commitment to a local animal shelter, elementary schools and the Southeastern Railway Museum, Danielle Elizabeth Roach understands that more can always be done to provide help and support to those that need it the most.

She strives to be a socially-responsible citizen, someone who continually demonstrates a compassion and care for people throughout both the local community and society. Danielle Elizabeth Roach has made a name for herself as a helpful and supportive local volunteer, and continues to show her support through on the ground work and direct support of local events and organizations that have proven to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Danielle Elizabeth Roach doesn’t seek recognition or accolades for the work she does. For her, volunteering is way to be a force for good for people, animals and organizations that rely on the generosity of others.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach consistently demonstrates a passion for volunteer work, and can often be found working with others to ensure the continued function and success of a local nonprofit institution. A dedicated college student, athlete and community service advocate, she has become a model of service and sacrifice to the people that know her the most, inspiring both loved ones and colleagues to take a little time away from their schedules to be active and involved whenever they can.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach serves her community because she genuinely cares about its health. She hopes to continue being of service to others throughout her life.

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Danielle Elizabeth Roach: A Successful Student-Athlete

Hard work is more than just important to student-athlete Danielle Elizabeth Roach, it’s absolutely essential. A devoted Emmanuel College student and prized player on the Emmanuel Women’s Lacrosse Team, Danielle Elizabeth Roach understands her numerous successes wouldn’t have been possible without an unrelenting commitment to a strong work ethic.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach performs well in both roles, tackling the ongoing challenge of balancing a competitive and rigorous college-level athletic program with the rigors of an intellectually stimulating academic curriculum. She understands how difficult it can be to perform at a high level in both capacities simultaneously, though she has stacked up an impressive list of accomplishments in both areas, providing inspiration to other student-athletes seeking prominence and success in their fields.

Through hard work and determination, Danielle Elizabeth Roach continues to excel as an Emmanuel College student athlete, and has earned the respect of many in the academic community with multiple scholarship awards. She is the past recipient of the Fred C. Wilkoff Scholarship, the HOPE Scholarship and the Georgia Association of Educators Scholarship, all of which have provided her the foundation and support she needs to continue her pursuit of a successful academic and athletic career.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach is a community volunteer, an experienced babysitter and an aspiring kindergarten teacher. Now seeking acceptance into the esteemed College of Education at Emmanuel College, Danielle Elizabeth Roach pursues her career dreams with vigilance and determination, hoping to one day provide young children with a great starting point for a fulfilling and successful academic tenure. The opportunity to be a member of the professional educational community is what drives her the most.

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Danielle Elizabeth Roach: The Southeastern Railway Museum

Danielle Elizabeth Roach is studying at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. She plans to earn a bachelor’s degree, and hopes to become a kindergarten teacher or enter a profession where she can help others.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach is the kind of person who is totally committed to the things that interest her the most. “I am a proven team player, contributing to the overall objective and giving my all to any job,” she says. “I have dedication and commitment to the initiatives I am involved in.”

To earn extra income, Danielle Elizabeth Roach has been as a trusted babysitter for two neighborhood children since 2008. As any parent would confirm, that is an extremely valuable and important service. She has also worked as a tour guide and with summer camp programs at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia, which features about 90 transportation items, including historic Pullman cars and classic steam ocomotives. The museum, as Danielle Elizabeth Roach told visitors as a tour guide, provides an educational atmosphere that vividly brings to life the cultural, technological and historical importance of transportation to Georgia and all of the Southeastern United States.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach always has been involved in worthy causes. “I believe in service to others,” she declares, “and have sought out a variety of volunteer experiences, ncluding working at a local animal shelter, at local events like Taste of Suwanee and Suwanee Days, with Relay for Life teams, and at local elementary schools.” As a member of the Emmanuel College Women’s Lacrosse team, Danielle Elizabeth Roach has also had the opportunity to do community service, as the team reaches out to others in the community near EC.
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Danielle Elizabeth Roach: Playing Lacrosse

Danielle Elizabeth Roach learned about lacrosse as a 9th grader in high school and since then has always enjoyed playing lacrosse. She lettered in the sport in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, as a member of the North Gwinnett High School team in Georgia, and currently plays on the Women’s Lacrosse team at Emmanuel College. Danielle Elizabeth Roach was named to the National Women’s Lacrosse League All-South Region 2nd Team in 2014.

Lacrosse is a team sport… one that Danielle Elizabeth Roach loves. As a goalie, she works with others, communicating what is happening on the field and helping her team.

Danielle Elizabeth Roach was the first scholarship player signed with the Emmanuel College Women’s Lacrosse Team. She is studying at EC, and is planning on a career either as a teacher or in a field that allows her to help others.

“I am dedicated and committed to the initiatives in which I am involved” Danielle Elizabeth Roach says. “From my classwork to my performance on the field I will give you my all.”

She is also committed to community service. Some of that comes through her involvement with the EC Women’s Lacrosse team. “Our team reaches out to others in the community near our school.” But much of it comes from within. Danielle Elizabeth Roach always has been known as a responsible and caring person, and helping others is central to what she is about. She has volunteered her time to many worthy causes, and plans to continue doing so.