Analyzing viola

Viola's identity (she's the man)

Viola is a teen girl in high school. She is a soccer player but the high school she attends cut the girls soccer team due to the lack of players. This causes her to want to try out for the boys soccer team because she feels she is equal to them. She believes she can compete with the boys because she is a confident and is motivated to play soccer no matter the gender. This proves she is strong, willing, and determined.

viola's gender (she's the man)

viola is a female but disguises herself as a male so that she may try out for the school soccer team. She is able to portray herself as her brother sebastian. even though she is a female she is able to fit in and compete with the males just fine. She fits in so well even females start to fall in love with her disguised as a male. Her natural female feelings do come into place as she falls in love with Duke Orsino. This is tough due to the fact she is still disguised as a male.

viola's perception (she's the man)

viola is looked at different by everyone. Her mom sees her as a girly girl by always offering her old dresses of hers so that she may wear them too but viola always rejects them. At her school she was seen as foolish and treated unequally because she wanted to tryout for the boys soccer team but they did not take her seriously and laughed at her. When she arrived at illeria, as sebastian she was viewed by her roommates as weird because of the way she was acting. Sebastian later won their respect by talking and being noticed by a lot of girls. Olivia views her as handsome as she is disguised as sebastian and she falls in love with him. She is viewed differently by many people.

similarities and differences (she's the man)

although viola is a fictional character we have similarities and differences. Just like viola i too believe everyone should be treated equally. In my opinion i think they should have let her tryout for the boys soccer team due to the fact they cut the girls soccer team. We also are similar because we are both determined to succeed in a certain sport. She will stop at nothing to be able to play soccer because she loves the sport and i feel the same way about basketball. We also have some differences. Viola is a high school student just like i am but she goes to a boarding school which is very different from a public school which is where i go to.

Identity (twelfth night)

Viola is a survivor of a shipwreck where she was seperated from her twin brother sebastian. She washed up in a land called illieria. She disguised herself as her brother sebastian so that she could have the comfort of being able to travel with comfort and security because no one would know she is a girl. She has no problem fooling everyone that she is a male because of her confidence when she is in disguise as sebastian. She is a very resourceful person.

Gender (twelfth night)

In the Story twelfth night viola is very charming, has engaging wit, and very intelligent. She shows this and puts this to use as she is in disguise as Sebastian. This makes her more male like and helps her get her position with duke orsino. These qualities make lady olivia immediately fall for Sebastian. Since Viola is still a female in disguise her female like nature comes out as she still falls in love with Duke Orsino.

Perception (twelfth night)

Viola views herself as a good humored person. She views herself as a rather happy person because she is able to win the hearts of so many and gain respect. She is loyal as she keeps her promise to try to win Olivia's loves for duke. She also sees herself as charming. She falls in love with Duke which makes her view herself as worthy of duke Orsino's love.

similarities and differences (twelfth night)

In the story viola has a lot of characteristics that i do. She is a intelligent person as she has the ability to fool everyone into thinking she is a male. I view myself also as intelligent. Viola also has good humor because in the story she has plenty of jokes and i am always making jokes myself. The difference between me and Viola is i think in a situation like that after the shipwreck i would not have been as quick to act and know what to do.