All About me

Lluvi Peralta


I'm a former student at Morris Sunset East High School. My goal is to graduate & proving everyone wrong, that you can succeed with a baby on the side. I enjoy going out to places & being with my family .

Favorite Foods

  • My favorite foods are enchiladas
  • && Chinese food.


  • Morris Sunset East High School
  • The different things that I learned in this school is, "You'll always get the help you need & there's always someone you can count on to help you."
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  • Radio
I love listening to music & especially when I clean it motivates me more.

I love working on things while listening to music, I get things done so much faster.

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Interest & Hobbies

  • Baking & Shopping
I love being able to buy things & look around stores doing something active. Baking is something I do on my free times or just to eat desserts.

Favorite Websites

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
I love talking to my friends on facebook it's much easier than having to drive all the way over there. Amazon is cheap and easy to shop i love looking at stuff to order things.