Media Craze

Are Phones Ruining The Media?

By: Blake Ellis

Are phones ruining the media?

I feel like a problem with the media is phones. I feel as if they mess with my work ethic, and distract me from things I need to be doing. Phones and apps are changing every day, making electronics more advanced and adding new things. This problem can be solved easily as long as you keep reading. The real question is; How do phones affect people?

“The tweens surveyed averaged almost four and one-half hours of screen media viewing each day, which included watching TV, Videos, DVDS, and movies” (Azzam) Phones are a huge problem with the media because they mess with people's spelling by using text language. For example; u instead of you. I’ve noticed with my friends who use social media, they don’t know the difference between your and you’re, as well there and their. I’ve noticed how in the summer using my phone a lot and coming back to school, and coming back to school my spelling wasn't the best. In my opinion phones mess with people's spelling and vocabulary which gets into their school work. “Tweens spend an average, only 20 minutes a day reading non school related books.” (Azzam) MY phone has affected my spelling and vocabulary by seeing posts and using texting language in texts, and games. It has also gotten into my school work, by spelling certain things wrong, as well as my worth ethic. The result of using my phone a lot has gotten into my grades. Another reason phones are a problem is addiction. Being addicted to your phone can cause you to to talk to your family and friends in real, and only communicate with them via phone. Also being addicted to your phone can harm your social life and affect your grades.

Finally, the solution to these two problems is to not use your phone as much. If you can’t do that then ask your parents to hide your charger and give it back 2 days later. If the addition still stays then give your parents your phone before you go to bed, so you don’t stay up late on it, and then they give it to you in the morning. This problem can be solved with ease, don’t let it distract you from doing your work and succeeding in school.

So, I told you one, out of many problems with the media, and I told you the way to solve it. These are the problems with phones, and they can be solved easily. This paper was about how phones can be addicting and can mess with your spelling. That's what's wrong with the media.


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