Temperature Measurement Solutions

Reliable Service Provider For Temperature Measurement and Calibration Solutions

With a wide range of thermometer manufacturers available in the market it is essential to choose the best in order to ascertain the precise value. We the “AccuMac Corporation” are the reliable designers and manufacturers of Precision thermometers, thermocouples and thermal imaging devices. Our brilliant products are the result of the latest technology combined with our years of experience in metrology. You can get the premium quality products from our company for laboratory use, industrial as well as quality assurance purpose.

We offer a wide range of products for the following categories to our customers:

· Digital thermometer readouts

· Temperature sensors

· Thermal Imagers

Within the digital thermometers, you can have the option of Handheld precision thermometer for the accurate temperature measurement. We can customize our products if you have any specific requirement. You can also get some accessories from our firm like thermocouple connectors, carrying cases and low EMF precision switch. For the clearer view we provide thermal imagers with an infrared facility in them.

Among temperature sensors/probes, we have Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer (SPRT), secondary reference PRT, precision industrial PRT, reference standard thermocouples and precision thermocouples. All our products are available at economical rates. We provide technical and calibration assistance to our clients for their full satisfaction. You can get free quotes by filling up a simple online form available at our site http://www.accumac.com/ . You can also become one of the dealers of our product. To know more contact us through a phone or email.