Bill to law

By: Jake and Carolina


Where can the idea come from? I, as a citizen think the government shouldn't be allowed to look at what we do on any kind of electronic device because we should be able to do whatever we want
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Who can introduce it? The president has privacy too and also has freedom to do what he want but with the government looking at everything we do, who are we to stop them, but the president is higher up than the government, he's president of this entire U.S Nation

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Committee Stage

After bill is introduced, it is sent to the standing committee that is related to the subject of the bill. What options does the committee have? 1. pass the bill, 2. mark up a bill with changes and suggest that it be passed, 3. replace the original bill with a new bill, 4.ignore the bill and pigeon hole or kill it, 5. kill the bill outright by majority vote.
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Members argue their pros and cons and discuss amendments
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After bill is debated, it is brought to a vote
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Conference Committee

A committee has a subject of a bill that they either put into law or they kill it

Presidential Action

After a bill is approved, it goes to the president, and he either signs it and it goes into law or he refuses to sign the bill
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