We Want to Teach You.

Sparta is NOT The One For You.

We Want Whats Best For You.

Education in Sparta is very different than it is in other parts of Greek city-states. Sparta's purpose is to produce a powerful Army. Unlike Sparta, We, the other parts of Greek city-states want to produce good citizens.

Athen schooling.

Here in Athen's boys are taught at home until they are about 6 years old. Then they learn how to read, write, play an instrument, and learn the poetry of Homer. We also teach them how to debate, give a persuasive speech, and study for math and science. We want whats best for our kids, and to prepare them for anything. Thats why after high school they go to military and learn how to be good warriors.

Why Sparta isn't For You.

At Sparta all they want is a strong Army. When boys are about 6 year old they enter military school. Reading and writing are not important to them. They starve the boys, beat them, and keep them away from their homes.They teach them how to steal, lie and get away with it.

Choose Athen Schooling.

We want the best for our students and want them to have everything to succeed in life. Do you really want your kid to go to some school where they only get half of something, which is war, or would you rather them go to a school were they get both education and learn how to be a Warrior?