Everitt Family Newsletter

~ For Everitt Families: September 2, 2022 ~

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Dear Everitt Families:

Happy Friday, Everitt families!

It has been a wonderful week at Everitt! We broke out some new playground equipment which led to an epic kickball game at 7th grade recess and some fantastic 4 square and basketball games, too. Students have adjusted to their new classes and are digging into new learning. Today, in our gaming strategies class, kids were learning how to use a cipher to break codes and about the math behind it. Our Tech Ed students have been busily working on their puzzle projects and are excited to be working on the equipment now. Our STEM students moved back into the new STEM lab this week and are so excited to work with the new equipment and to dig into the challenges. Our ELA students are beginning to read their class novels. Please feel free to quiz our 8th graders on the 50 states. There is wonderful learning happening all over the building!

All students took the reading MAP test this week and the math MAP test last week. We will share the data from those tests with you at parent/teacher conferences in October. We are proud of our students for doing their best on the tests so that we know the next steps in instruction for them. We use the information gained from MAP testing a lot for grouping, placement, and to better understand our students as learners.

Starting next week, students who have 5 or more tardies will serve a detention. We will reach out to you to schedule the detention if this is true for your child. If students' tardies are all at the beginning of the day, we will be reaching out to you to see how we can partner with you to get your child to their first class on time. We don't want students to miss any learning in their classrooms and so much important instruction happens in the first 10 minutes of class.

6th-grade parents, you will notice a change in the date for the Outdoor Lab meeting. We wanted all families to be able to attend and the original date was when the Broncos play Monday Night Football. Go Broncos!

We would love to have you at our PTA meeting next Wednesday evening. We always have a great time and it is a wonderful way to get to know other Everitt families and to get involved in our school. More information is in the PTA section of the newsletter below.

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, and fun three-day weekend and Labor Day with your families!

Thank you for supporting and believing in your neighborhood school. It is our privilege to partner with you!


Amanda Pouliot, Principal

Everitt Middle School




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What's Happening Next?

Mon 9/5 ~ Labor Day NO SCHOOL

Tues 9/6 ~ Sea Camp Information Night 6:00 pm

Wed 9/7 ~ PTA Mtg (6:30 pm); SAC Mtg (7:30 pm)

Thurs 9/8 ~ Late Start for students/PLC for teachers

Tues 9/13 ~ Outdoor Lab Meeting 6:00 pm THIS IS A CHANGE!

Sun 9/18 ~ Wheat Ridge Farmers 5000 Race 9:00 am @ WRHS

Mon 9/19 -Thurs 9/22 ~ Spirit Week! More details to follow...

Fri 9/23 ~ No School for Students/Staff Development

Tues 9/27 ~ 8th Grade Warren Tech Field Trip 9:30 am

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2022-2023 Bell Schedule

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Everitt Happenings!


Everitt Middle School PTA is all about community and connections - please attend our first PTA meeting of the year on Wednesday September 7th at 6:30pm in the Everitt Library or online via zoom (link to be sent next week). Meet a new teacher in our “teacher spotlight”, hear about all the community events we are planning, and hear updates from Principal Pouliot! More info here: https://everitt.jeffcopublicschools.org/family_resources/p_t_a

Join our Facebook community to stay up to date on information and to use as a resource on questions or concerns here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/everittpta

Join the PTA TODAY to have a voice and be a part of our community - Sign-up here: https://forms.gle/iekuJqx6YGXFsg6q7

We are always open to new ideas on how to bring our great Everitt community together and look forward to learning from each other. Please feel free to send any questions or suggestions to the PTA at EverittPTA@gmail.com or to me directly at dan.b.weinstein@gmail.com or 720-291-1435.

Thank you,

Dan Weinstein

Everitt PTA President

CLICK HERE! To Join our Everitt PTA Facebook Page

Connection and up-to-date information available here for all Everitt Families and Staff.

Everitt Dress Code 2022

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Neighborhood Driveways

Our neighbors who live on Independence would appreciate it very much if you would not use their driveways to turn your vehicles around after school. Thank you.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Pick up and drop off was pretty great this week! We are down to 10 minutes in the afternoon. Here are a few reminders for making pick up and drop off a little easier:

1. Carpool -- Fewer vehicles in our parking lot means a shorter line.

2. Pull all the way forward in the drop off/pick up lane

3. Pick your child up at the Recreation Center and have them use the tunnel to cross under Kipling.

4. Drop off a little earlier and pick up a little later - We are on supervision duty at 7:00 am and the line is very short at that time. It is also short after 2:40 pm.

5. Once the buses have left in the afternoon, please feel free to turn right at the base of the parking lot and exit in front of the north side of the building. It will help you avoid having to turn right or left onto Kipling.

6. Please be very careful and aware of our students who are crossing the streets as you exit. We have many children who have to cross to get to the path to the Rec Center.

Identification Check

For safety reasons, families will be required to show their identification when entering the building. Thank you for understanding and bringing your IDs to the door with you when you pick up your children. Just a reminder that the entrance is now on the south side of the building. We do not have a way to safely have people enter on the north side of the building. All visitors need to use the secure vestibule.


Don't forget to take a look at the Everitt Spirit Store for exciting new items to show your school spirit! Some items have been marked down 20% and will be delivered to your home within 5 business days. Just use this link to start shopping and show your school pride:


Clubs & Activities

Students are always welcome to join a club already in session! If your child is interested in a particular club that isn't being offered, have them reach out to a teacher or staff member to ask them if they would be willing to sponsor it. Most of our clubs are born of student interest.

Here are the clubs and their meeting days:

Chess Club - Mondays 2:30-3:30 starts September 12th

Fitness Club - More details coming soon!

GSA - Mondays 2:30-3:30

Junior Optimist Club - Mondays 2:35-3:30

Native Student Group - Tuesdays, 2:30-3:30

Theatre Guild - Thursdays 2:30-4:00

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Everitt Rules and Conduct Code Presentation


The Farmers 5000 Race is coming up soon and the WR Community Family Coalition for Education has added an incentive for schools:

Any school who gets at least 10% of students to participate will be invited to a party (at one of the local WR establishments). Any adult who helps to support getting the participation rate up is invited to join too.

Race is Sunday, Sept 18th

9:00 am @ WRHS

Register at famers5000.org

Middle School Sports Program

The Middle School Sports Program (MSSP) Jeffco League provides 6th-8th grade students at participating middle schools the opportunity to play in after-school sports.

All programs are recreational and open to all ability levels with an emphasis on fun, sportsmanship, and fair play.

Players are taught basic rules of play and receive an equal amount of playing time. Players must adhere to the Player's Code of Conduct and abide by team rules and expectations. For more information and to register click on this link:


Fall Sports

  • Cross Country: Coed - Practices are M/W 2:45-4:15. There is still time to sign up!
  • Volleyball: Coed
  • Flag Football: Coed Practices are T/Th 2:45-4:15.

Winter Sports

  • Basketball: Boys & Girls

Spring Sports

  • Soccer: Coed
  • Track and Field: Coed

There is still time to sign up, practices start next week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-4:15 PM. The program runs through August 23 until October 18.

Arvada West Youth Sports

Arvada West Gold Crown Girls Basketball tryouts will be Sunday, September 11th at Arvada West High School. 3rd-6th grade will be from 9 am to 10:30 am and 7th-8th grade will be 10:30 am to 12 pm. Please register at the following link: AWest Gold Crown Girls Tryout.


Damien T. - The first week of school Damien and one of his friends came to me outside in front of the school to turn in a handful of cash they found on the sidewalk. Thank you Damien for being thoughtful and demonstrating empathy for the person who lost their money. This act of kindness will return to because you cared enough to pay it forward! I am so PROUD of you!

Jailyn W. - Thank you for being such an awesome example of what Everitt is all about. Your kindness and positive energy shine through as you are showing students around on their first day.

Xzavier G. - The first week of school Xavier and one of his friends came to me outside in front of the school to turn in a handful of cash they found on the sidewalk. Thank you Damien for being thoughtful and demonstrating empathy for the person who lost their money. This act of kindness will return to because you cared enough to pay it forward! I am so PROUD of you!

Brandon S. - Brandon has shown so much improvement on believing in himself! When I was testing him for MAPS testing, he worked hard, believed he could do it, and tried. He got an amazing score! Truly so proud of the growth Brandon has made! Brandon has turned over a new leaf this year and is working hard in classes and trying at things he finds difficult!

Lexionna S. - Lexi has been an absolute pillar for our 5th hour! She participates consistently, takes risks in her learning, and attempts new learning! Keep up the amazing work Lexi!

Gianna R. - Gianna showed and continues to show incredible levels of kindness to all different types of students throughout our PE time. Gianna positively accepts diverse learners into her groups throughout PE and continues to give them an outlet to succeed and socialize with their peers!

Nolan M. - Nolan has been a super helper in band with helping to teach the other clarinets in his class to his band class. He's been a true leader and also effective one at getting us all set up to play!

Amelia A. - When posed with a "What do you wonder" question, Amelia thinks deeply and shares enthusiastically.

Brandon S. - Brandon is always so polite and prepared for class. He is thoughtful in his discussions and is a joy to have in class!

Alexis M. - Alexis finds outside of class opportunities to perform, even if those things push him out of his comfort zone!

Henry P. - Henry found money outside of the school and returned it to the main office. Thank you for being such an honest person!

Nayeli B. - I have seen Nayeli continually ask questions and contribute in science experiments not only to express her thoughts, but to help others understand the days content. Great work!

Amylia G. - During our math exploration, Amylia kept a positive attitude and continued pushing through hard tasks. Through her exploration, Amylia began to ask more questions, apply her strategies from other tasks to new, similar problems, and make new learning connections.

Andrea M. - Andrea has worked hard in class. She was quiet at the beginning but has taken risks, asked questions, and attempted problems even when they seemed too hard.

Ms. Grice - She helps students who struggle with their emotions to feel better about themselves.

Daniel C. - Daniel has participated in group discussion and has added to class discussions. He has also focused on keeping his grades up. Daniel, your consistent hard work in ukulele class shows! You are constantly working to get better and it is amazing to watch how far you've come. You don't give up and always on task. Your integrity is honorable and I'm so grateful to have you in class. Thank you!

Stella H. - Stella does a great job of demonstrating what it means to be curious, kind, and helpful in the classroom. She steps up to lead and be brave when it's time to speak out in class, she 's not afraid to take a chance and speak up in class.

Reuben R. - Reuben has openly admitted that he has committed to be a better student this year, and he has demonstrated this by doing very high quality work and making all corrections on his graded work. He is much happier and more confident and a pleasure to teach.

Vuk B. - Vuk always tries new games, scenes and talking in a new language and country with a smile each day. He jumps in and makes friends easily He also asks to have his computer and work in English to challenge himself in understanding and language acquisition.

Lawrence M. - Each day Lawrence comes in he is highly curious. Asking lots of probing questions about what types of things he will make this year in STEM. I am super proud of the curiosity he is showing so far this year. Lawrence is new to Everitt this year. He has asked interesting questions and helped lead class discussions. Change can be hard but Lawrence has found ways to make friends and be a strong part of Everitt's community of learners.

Cristian R. - Cristian is working on an educational slideshow about his own experience that he will share with at least 2 teachers of his choosing. I am proud of his ability to honor his own experience and be able to confidently share it with the world. Keep it up, Cristian!

Israel P. - Israel has been curious about the cryptographs that we have been working on in Strat. Games. He is willing to take risks and wants to understand how these codes work.

Brady F. - Brady is brave in his curiosity. He asks fantastic and challenging questions that are always grounded in being respectful and kind to those around him.

Emmah T. - Emmah does an amazing job at leading our beginning choir. Her passion and leadership shines through in everything she does in music. I am filled with joy when I see her working so hard on the music we are learning as well as the lessons. It is obvious she wants to be here and wants to thrive. I am so grateful for her hard work in our choir.

Everitt Middle School

With foundations of equity and excellence, Everitt empowers and inspires our students as individuals, lifelong learners, and creative critical thinkers to engage in authentic learning and contribute meaningfully to their communities and their world.