Act 2: Romeo & Juliet

Act 2. Scene 1- The Party

After the party ends, Romeo can't stop thinking about Juliet, so he ditches Mercutio and Benvolio and heads back to the Capulet house. Mercutio and Benvolio try to find Romeo after the party. They assume that Romeo is going to find Rosaline. Afterwards, they crack a lot of dirty jokes at Romeo's expense. Mercutio is offended that Romeo left them.

Act 2. Scene 2- Creeper

The scene starts with Romeo watching Juliet, who is standing on a balcony. As he observes her, he compares her to the sun. Romeo listens to Juliet confess her love to him. After he hears her confession, he reveals himself to her and confesses his love. The two promise to marry one another.
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Act 2. Scene 3- Where are you Romeo?

Romeo is no where to be found. Mercutio and Benvolio wonder what happened to him since he didn't come home that night. Tybalt is now getting furious. Benvolio recieves a letter from Tybalt wanting to challenge him in a duel.The nurse insists on Romeo not to "play" Julet. The lovers want to get married and the Nurse sets up the bed for after the ceremony.

Act 2. Scene 4- Too Tired for Talk

Juliet wants to know what Romeo says about her but once the nurse comes back she is too tired to talk and will not speak. Soon to find out, Juliet realizes Romeo does want to marry her. The nurse then quickly searches for a ladder so that Romeo can climb up to Juliet's window.

Act 2. Scene 5- The Happy Couple

Laurence and Romeo frantically wait for Juliet's arrival. Laurence marries them and they walk out as happy newly weds.