From 2nd Grade

No School on Friday, March 25

Please note that there will be no school on Friday, March 25. Enjoy the long weekend!

Report Cards and Folders

Report cards were sent home with students on Tuesday the 15th. Everything in the envelope is for you to keep. Please send the envelope back with your child when you remove the contents. Additionally, the student's green folders continue to go back and forth between school and home multiple times a week. Please help your child remember to bring the folder back to school each day, as we rely on them to send important information home safely.

March is Reading Month

Our bulletin board is starting to get very full with all of the amazing books that our mystery readers have shared with us! All of our mystery readers have done an amazing job and the students are so excited each day to find out who the mystery reader will be. Thank you to all of our mystery readers for taking the time to come read to our class. Stop by our hallway sometime and check out our bulletin board to see what books have been read and who the mystery readers were!

PLTW- The Changing Earth

This week, we began a new science unit of Project Lead the Way called "The Changing Earth". The unit begins with lessons on maps: how to read them, what needs to be included on them, the cardinal directions, what kinds of maps exist, and what different maps are useful for. Our second graders were very excited to get to use Google Earth as part of our lessons to help them identify the continents, oceans, and locate where ice can be found on Earth. The next phase of the unit is focused on learning about erosion and how the shape of the land on Earth changes due to natural forces. Ask your children what they learned about maps!

Beginning Unit 7

Students took their Unit 6 assessments and began Unit 7 this week in math. Unit 7 focuses on double-digit addition, measurement, and graphing. So far, students have learned to use the turn around rule when adding more than two numbers, and they have learned to use the addition facts within ten to help them solve harder, two-digit problems.

Box Tops Competition

A2 STEAM is having a Box Tops for Education Spring Drive. To encourage students to participate, the class that collects the most Box Tops will be announced and will win a prize! If you have any Box Tops at home, consider sending them in with your child!

Important Dates:

  • 3/25 - No School
  • 3/31 - A2 STEAM EXPO
  • 3/31 - Used book sale