WROES Weekly News

week of October 17, 2016-October 21, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Relief

In light of recent events and massive flooding from Hurricane Matthew, we would like to partner with a former administrator in our district that is now working as a principal in Moore County. Her school community (Vas-Lakewood Elementary) has been directly impacted by flooding and a dam breech.

GOAL: To assist our neighbors in crisis in Moore County by delivering supplies to established relief organizations onsite in affected areas.

A flyer will be in each teacher's box to go home Monday...and a Connect Ed will go out later today to inform our families.

The following link is Vas-Lakeview's news with a message from Mrs. Johnson, Principal.


Book Room is open for business- please note that Red Stickers are fiction books and the Orange stickers are content based texts

Shout Outs!

Jessica and Connie for running a fabulously themed Book Fair! Aaargh!

Officer Dial for working to keep us all safe in our new building

Patrick reports 99% of teachers rolled up their carpets, making it easier for his staff to clean both effectively and efficiently.